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Amorgos è un'isola dell'arcipelago delle Cicladi.


Lingue parlate

If you are lucky you can meet some people in Amorgos who speaks English, it's better if you speak Italian or German.

Come arrivare

In nave

Ferry boats and Highspeed catamaran services run daily from Piraeus.

  • Hellenic Seaways, [1]. The cheapest.
  • BlueStar.
  • Gaferries.

In aereo

  • Olympic Airways, [2]. Operate a daily service from Athens.

Come spostarsi

Within the resorts walking is the best method of transport. Bus services operate between the towns, but for total freedom hire a car. Car hire is readily available in all towns and is reletively cheap.

Da vedere

  • Visit Hozoviotissa Monastery.It is located on the rocks,above the sea and the view is taking your breath away!

Attività ricreative



  • The traditional rakomelo.It's raki boiled with honey and cinammon.


  • It's better to rent a room at "Xora"(The village at the top of the mountain Profitis Ilias,15 minutes from the port of Katapola.
  • Aegialis Hotel [3] Hotel in Aegiali, Amorgos

It is one of the most beautifull villages in Cyclades!


  • Have a drink at the bar "Zygos" at Xora.It's a rock bar with good spirits and friendly people.
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