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Hello SailingMonaco! My name is IBAlex and I am an admin here. I am sorry but I don't speak Hungarian. i will write to you in English, I hope you would understand. I would like to thank you fro your recent contributions on this Wikitravel! Are you planning on working further on other pages? Warm regards, IBAlex (vita) 2013. május 14., 01:32 (CEST)

Hi IBAlex! Ofcourse, i understand English too. Sorry for my late answer, but im pretty busy nowadays. Yes, im planning on working further updates. What i really want, is to update the whole Pacific Ocean area, because its kinda insufficient in the Hungarian section.

RG SailingMonaco IBAlex (vita) 2013. május 22., 00:42 (CEST)

Hi SailingMonaco! Thanks for getting back to me! No worries with the late response:) It would be great to see your updates and to help Hungarian Wikitravel grow! I'm looking forward to it! Warm regards, IBAlex (vita) 2013. május 22., 00:47 (CEST)
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