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2017. október 19., 09:39 után történt változtatások megtekintése

2017. október 17.

     08:28 (Új felhasználók naplója) . . KPeter (vita | közrem.) felhasználói fiók létrehozva ‎

2017. október 16.

Ú    16:59  Red Cross Assists 39 Folks Soon After Home Fires In Just Seven Days‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 352). . JuliannSkidmore (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: As President Trump paid his go to to hurricane-wracked Puerto Rico on Tuesday a tiny army of people, sitting at their desks far from the spotlight and scattered around the globe, were ca…)
Ú    16:58  Upcoming Red Cross Readiness Institute‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 409). . LanN251995084 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: Over a week right after the storm and still no where to get food (or anything else for that matter). Nonetheless no utilities available anyplace. Bathing and washing clothes in rivers an…)
Ú    16:58  St. John Following Hurricane Irma ‹‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 279). . OtisPlumb8 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: En tous les cas, ces quelques considérations invitent à reconsidérer non pas des "porte-avions de poche" mais bien des "porte-avions de ligne". Ils doivent posséder des qualités nau…)
     16:58  Desperate Caribbean Survivors Of Hurricane Irma‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+569). . (vita)
     16:56  Bannon On The Way Out‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (-131). . (vita)
Ú    16:56  This Mayor Was Invited To FEMA Numerous Times But REFUSED To Go The Explanation Why…‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 649). . DoriePress5 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: Incredible service delivery stories are coming out of the response. On Monday, a woman known as 911 to request emergency delivery of a particular child formula for her sick infant. The p…)
Ú    16:56  Robert Pattinson Refuses To Perform A Sex Act On A Dog Even Though Shooting Very Good Time‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 440). . (vita) (Új lap: <br><br> []Marvin Gaye var en amerikansk soulsångare från Washington där han föddes 1939. Han var med i The Moonglows på 50-talet mal…)
     16:55  Hurricane Irma Track Kills Ten Hits Barbuda Puerto Rico‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (-151). . (vita)
Ú    16:55  Trump Heads To Puerto Rico On The Defensive More Than Hurricane Maria Response‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 739). . (vita) (Új lap: <br><br>[]In addition to the Fisher® V-plow, you will be capable to bid for adventure and bid for entertaining as the auction will include things…)
     16:55  US Marines Weigh Grounding Ospreys Soon After Most Up-to-date Deadly Crash Yahoo7 News‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (-356). . (vita)
     16:53  Saudi Safety Forces Flatten Old Quarter Of Shi ite Town‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (-231). . (vita)
Ú    16:53  Mark Zuckerberg Took His VR Avatar To Puerto Rico And It Was Just So Awkward‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 596). . (vita) (Új lap: The sanctions cap North Korea's imports of refined and crude oil at 8.five million barrels a year, and ban textile exports, which last year accounted for a lot more than a quarter of Nor…)
     16:52  (Új felhasználók naplója). . [GertieTost54‎; DorthyWarrick88‎]
      16:52 . . DorthyWarrick88 (vita | közrem.) felhasználói fiók létrehozva ‎
      16:31 . . GertieTost54 (vita | közrem.) felhasználói fiók létrehozva ‎
Ú    16:48  Hurricane Imra Pictures Puerto Rico‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 347). . SherryCatlett3 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: For a lot more data about the Auction, go to or speak to the Trekkers office (207) 594-5095. Trekkers is a non-profit outdoor-based mentoring plan that connects young folks with caring a…)
Ú    16:46  Hurricane Irma Leaves Travel Agents And Cruise Lines Really Concerned And Hoping For The Very Best‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 779). . DoreenPabst (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: <br><br> []On Wednesday night, French President Emmanuel Macron stated it was too early to tell how badly the islands of St. Martin and St. B…)
Ú    16:45  Dominica After Hurricane Maria‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 759). . JocelynFolk7690 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: le risque de la segmentation est vrai mais je pense qu'il ne faut pas se laisser abuser par l'arrivée du drone. je reste persuadé que l'intégration du drone dans le champ de bataille…)
Ú    16:45  Hurricane Irma Leaves Travel Agents And Cruise Lines Really Concerned And Hoping For The Ideal‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 432). . PaulaDick359749 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: <br><br>[]French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb stated on Friday nine persons were killed, at least seven have been missing, and 112 other…)
Ú    16:42  How To Enable Puerto Rico Right After Hurricane Maria‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 216). . ShaniCantrell42 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: <br><br>[]Around one hundred HHS medical personnel are deployed to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands to aid in patient evacuation and to assist U…)
Ú    16:42  Tired Of Winning Trump s Struggles Mean Even Republicans Think They Are Losing‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 356). . (vita) (Új lap: More than 120 homes were getting evacuated early Monday in Orange County, the area where the city of Orlando is situated, as floodwaters started hurricane irma anna maria island to rise.…)
Ú    16:42  Anything You Need To Have To Know Ahead Of Beyond The Wall Airs Tonight‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 321). . CharityGaffney (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: The Agency is focused on the security of those in the affected locations and warns that unauthorized entry at any Superfund internet site, either prior to or following the storm, is proh…)
Ú    16:41  Avoiding Hurricane Maria Operating On Electrics‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 400). . TrudiHolly7 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: <br><br> []Before the finish of the fiscal year, we're going to go by way of the debt ceiling theatrics we have to go via periodically. New readers: let me tel…)
     16:41  Hurricane Irma Causes Blackouts In Puerto Rico Heads For Hispaniola‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (-125). . (vita)
Ú    16:41  Photographs Show Devastation In Caribbean‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 648). . CandelariaSchirm (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: A photo taken on Sept. 6, 2017 shows the Hotel Mercure in Marigot, close to the Bay of Nettle, on the French Collectivity of Saint Martin, throughout the passage of Hurricane Irma. Franc…)
Ú    16:41  Why The US s 1994 Deal With North Korea Failed And What Trump Can Discover From‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 424). . DominiqueBatiste (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: The Bachelors var en trio från Dublin, Ireland bestående av bröderna Con och Dec Cluskey och John Stokes. Gruppen började på 50-talet som en i huvudsak instrumental munspelsgrupp, T…)
Ú    16:40  Raleigh Man Stuck In Puerto Rico Throughout Hurricane Irma‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 554). . (vita) (Új lap: They endured the storm inside his "bulwarked" condo with a mattress pressed up against a window that didn't have storm shutters. He mentioned the power of the winds went from "whistli…)
Ú    16:40  Response To Reserve At Hunters Run Apartments‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 330). . HyeHmelnitsky (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: Other folks sent him private messages, dozens of them, asking for enable tracking down silent friends and relatives. He did what he could to support. We had one particular guy down the s…)
Ú    16:39  Is It Just Me Or Does Pippa Middleton Have Really Brief Legs‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 160). . Constance1321 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: Does any person bear in mind when the East-West expressway employed to end in Pine Hills among Hastings and Powers Drive? I utilised to function for the engineering organization that mad…)
Ú    16:39  American Red Cross Asks ARRL s Help With Puerto Rico Relief Effort‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 426). . BoyceMillen204 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: <br><br>[]But receiving back residence prior to Irma hit Florida was a press…)
     16:39  Emergencies Disasters‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (-713). . (vita)
     16:38  Hurricane Irma Blacks Out Considerably Of Puerto Rico‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (-398). . (vita)
Ú    16:38  Hurricane Irma Leaves Travel Agents And Cruise Lines Incredibly Concerned And Hoping For The Finest‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 378). . JodieDrennen4 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: But each downtown Miami and Miami Beach are substantially additional developed in 2017 than they have been 25 years ago, and other tourist attractions outdoors of these places suffered c…)
Ú    16:37  Hurricane Irma Skirts Puerto Rico Leaving 1 Million With Out Energy‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 774). . JudsonGosling37 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: <br><br> []I in no way mentioned the globe would finish in 2012, I ment…)
Ú    16:37  Shocking Footage Shows Caribbean Islands Just Before And Right After Hurricane Irma‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 872). . JinaRankine (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: <br><br> []Vicki Carr är en sångerska från Texas, USA. 1962 skrev hon kontrakt med Liberty och började…)
Ú    16:36  Our Plans Following Hurricane Irma‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 679). . MarieMarch23897 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: <br><br> []On Thursday, the US commonwealth with a population of more than three.four million began to dig out out right after the monster Category…)
Ú    16:36  Nancy Meyers Comes Property Again‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 436). . EmeliaJustus707 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: All measured values with a B are prior to the hours of sanding and A values are right after. You can see that there is improvement, but not anything is ".003-.010 under" the .188 slide.…)
     16:35  Potentially Catastrophic Irma Nears US Yahoo7 News‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (-161). . (vita)
Ú    16:35  Szerkesztő:StaciaGiron7265‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+366). . StaciaGiron7265 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: 32 yr old Aircraft Preservation Manufacture (Buildings ) Catlin from Burlington, likes motorbikes, international weather reporter and rowing. Finds encouragement by setting up a journey…)
Ú    16:35  Cruz Roja Busca Radioaficionados En Puerto Rico‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 295). . (vita) (Új lap: In point of truth, the Territorial United States and Municipal United States together do not quantity to much in terms of being able to field an actual army, air force, or navy. They've…)
     16:34  Hurricane Irma Slams Caribbean Islands As Category 5 Storm Yahoo7 News‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (-99). . (vita)
Ú    16:34  FEMA Restores Count Showing Puerto Rico Clean Water Energy‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 385). . ZulmaGoldfarb70 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: Debris and a boat washed up onto shore in Marigot, on the French side of the Caribbean island of St. Martin, after it was hit by Hurricane Irma. France, the Netherlands and Britain sent…)
     16:33  Hurricane Irma Crashes Raleigh Woman s Puerto Rico Party‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (-64). . (vita)
Ú    16:32  Death Toll In Puerto Rico From Hurricane Maria More Than Doubles To 34‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 721). . BrockMansom0 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: I assume I've described previously that the Starlite in Winter Garden had a attractive entrance marquee. I assume it fell to the wrecking ball. Two other people with excellent marquees w…)
Ú    16:31  Red Cross Calls On Israel To Cease Hitting Vital Gaza Infrastructure Video‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 260). . DawnDuvall (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: As of 8 p.m. ET Saturday, a hurricane warning for Irma remained in spot for the Cuban provinces of Camaguey, Ciego de Avila, Sancti Spiritus, Villa Clara, Matanzas, and Havana - as prope…)
Ú    16:31  A Appear Back At The Queen Of Thorns Greatest Insults And Quotes‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 741). . AntonioTunbridge (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: <br><br>[]Their occasion was a protest known as Citize…)
Ú    16:31  Szerkesztő:AntonioTunbridge‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+222). . AntonioTunbridge (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: 24 years old Transport Company Manager Kristopher from Sainte-Genevieve, loves to spend time marquetry, international weather reporter and riddles. Is a travel enthusiast and recently vi…)
Ú    16:30  Va. Process Force One Arrives In Puerto Rico For Hurricane Irma‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 798). . CiaraAbrams (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: The sanctions cap North Korea's imports of refined and crude oil at 8.five million barrels a year, and ban textile exports, which last year accounted for far more than a quarter of North…)
Ú    16:30  Puerto Rico Virgin Islands Brace For Hurricane Maria Yahoo7 News‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (+5 246). . DaneGiffen00300 (vita | közrem.) (Új lap: Currently, President Donald J. Trump declared that an emergency exists in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and ordered Federal help to supplement Commonwealth and regional response effort…)
     16:30  AP US History Existing Events‎ (eltérés | történet) . . (-841). . (vita)