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Interface file

No idea. Check with Evan. — रविकिरण् ०९:०२, २१ मार्च २००७ (EDT)

I'm taking a random stab at deciphering this stuff, but the rason no one can edit the the MediaWiki templates is because no one is an administrator. It seems like Evan retired for the night before anyone other than I had created a user account. This writing is a little difficult for us to read so I'd encourage Upmanyu and Ravi to point out who they are to Evan so that he can flip the "bit" and make you both admins. -- Sapphire १५:०८, २१ मार्च २००७ (EDT)
Also, (I think this is Upmanyu's talk page) if you need to figure out which MediaWiki template does what feel free to ask me and I'll help out. You can also E-Mail me, but you'll have to do it through hi:, because I've temporarily disabled the feature allowing shared: , de:, and enL,:uers from contacting me. -- Sapphire
P.S. Sorry about the weird spelling , but I have a hard time editing this wiki. -- Sapphire १५:१६, २१ मार्च २००७ (EDT)
Hey, so, you are now an admin on hi:, which means you can edit MediaWiki: files. See Special:Allmessages for how to edit the little bits and pieces of text around the site.
I've noticed some problems with saving preferences and with OpenID login. I don't know what's going on here, but I'm going to try to debug. There's also an issue with the user page update notification; it all boils down to Apache not liking the Hindi in its configuration files. Once I get that figured out, things should work a little better.
Have you contacted the people who signed up for the expedition? I'm really psyched about this.--Evan १६:४१, २१ मार्च २००७ (EDT)

Hello, I am indeed Upamanyu, उपमन्यु is the Hindi sp for my name. Same with Ravi's. Where are my admin buttons? I can't see them. Where are they suposed to be? I'll contact Mitul, Amit and the others.

उपमन्यु ०४:५६, २२ मार्च २००७ (EDT)

Oops, I see 'em. BTW, am I the first juvenile admin in the history of wt? उपमन्यु ०४:५८, २२ मार्च २००७ (EDT)

No. An admin on es: is 16. Can I get you to create MediaWiki:Shared-url, and type "Shared:Main_Page". Then created MediaWiki:Sharedpage and type "Wikitravel Shared" (or whatever translation). Then edit MediaWiki:Sidebar and replace "sitesupport-url|sitesupport" with "shared-url|sharedpage". You want to edit MediaWiki:Sidebar to change the options/translations on the "navigation bar". -- Sapphire ०७:०६, २२ मार्च २००७ (EDT)

How are you doing?

Hey Upamanyu, How are you doing over here in Hindi? Is everything going ok? WindHorse १२:४९, २६ मार्च २००७ (EDT)


You can do a few tricks with templates. I.e. with {{Template:स्वागत}} instead of typing this, type {{subst:स्वागत}} and it'll display the template as if you had written out the entire message by yourself. What exactly is the template? The welcome template? -- Sapphire ०६:५२, २८ मार्च २००७ (EDT)


विकिट्रैवेल के हिन्दी संस्करण को जारी करने के लिए बहुत बधाई। :) --Mitul ११:२७, २९ मार्च २००७ (EDT)

Other sites box

Check out भारत, I'm getting the links to the "Other sites" box to show up, but the box heading is messed up... maybe it was just never translated or it's a page you have to still create? Just pointing it out, if you can't figure out how to fix it surely Evan or Sapphire can help... काकाहूआटे ०१:०६, ३० मार्च २००७ (EDT)

External links

Want to create an External links page? Noticing that a couple new users are adding lists similar to what they do on Wikipedia... Some language versions of WT allow external link sections, personally I prefer the policy we have over on En WT. But if you create the page then we can at least start having a discussion about it on that talk page... काकाहूआटे ०१:१२, ३० मार्च २००७ (EDT)

Country and city intros

Hey there! When you're back online can you give me a correct sentence that I can use when creating new articles? I want to create some, and just put the opening line, something to the effect of "xxx is a country in xxx" and "xxx is a city in xxx". Can you translate both of those for me on my talk page? Thanks! Then I can at least be helping out getting some structure built, pictures added over here, and interwiki links sorted out - काकाहूआटे ०६:०२, ३१ मार्च २००७ (EDT)

The articles

Hi Man-U !! I just started working on this Hindi W.T. I have written some stuff on quite a few things. Check out all the main links on the home page. See you Heemanshoo ०९:२६, ३१ मार्च २००७ (EDT)

article templates

Hey there! Welcome back! Just a thought, article templates would be a good next step so we've got something to put into new pages. How was your trip? Hopefully fun / relaxing / both - काकाहूआटे २०:३०, ६ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)

Alright, I've created the country one as a first... and I'm too tired for more, so will continue tomorrow or soon... there's a few headings left in English which I don't have translations for yet... if you change them either on the template or just add them to the sandbox on your En page then I'll create more templates soon. See Template:देश... which means on new country pages we can add {{subst:देश}} and it will add in the template when you save. But we should wait until it's fully translated before putting it to use. I'm pretty busy this week, but as soon as I have time again I'll finish these templates and then create a LOT of new articles, hopefully, so at least there will be the skeletons that people can start adding to then. Yay!
A really cool addition would be to translate the quickbar, so that we can add that to the country template as well... but I guess maybe I want to have my cake and eat it too... - Cacahuate / काकाहूआटे ०२:३३, १० अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)
OK, couldn't stop there, created Template:भाग too. By the way, does "Do" really translate into गतिविधियों में भाग लें ? That's so long! काकाहूआटे ०२:४८, १० अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)
Cool, sounds good! I'll be back to help out more soon, just got caught up in a huge job that goes thru Sunday, so won't have a lot of time before then. Keep up the good work! काकाहूआटे ०९:०१, १२ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)

Holy crap, you've been busy! The main page looks GREAT! Feels like Wikitravel now! काकाहूआटे २३:५४, १२ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)


Great to see you back! You went on some kind of school trip, right? Is everything fine on this wiki? Any problems that we've run into? -- Sapphire ०२:०७, ८ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)

The template should be working. You need to make sure everything is copied over verbatim. -- Sapphire ०९:४१, ११ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)


Try editin a MediaWiki file. For some reason I can't do this so you'll need to and wait about 10 minutes. If it doesn't clear the cache and fix the problem I'll need to talk with Evan about it. You're talking about the {{{heading}}} displaying on the quickbar, right? -- Sapphire १०:५०, १२ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)


Hey there!

Thanks again for the list you left for me, super helpful. There's a few more words that I'm guessing at or using a dictionary to find, so they may not be the perfect word... you especially might wanna have a look at my attempt at a sentence about "religion" in तजिकिस्तान. More to come... cacahuate / काकाहूआटे २०:५९, १९ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)

Oh yeah, and what about my username? I think maybe I used the wrong "t"... shouldn't it be काकाहुआते ? काकाहूआटे २१:०२, १९ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)
I just realized that some numbers you were purposely leaving as Roman numerals, but I've been changing them all to Arabic... should they be Roman? If so, why? I know Hindi speakers use both, but... cacahuate / काकाहूआटे २१:१३, १९ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)


Yes, I am online, but only half an houre more or so. then a little bit later again... --Flip666 १३:१४, २३ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT) PS: Why did you write "answer on my talk page"? Normally you would rely to a discussion where it started. That makes it much easier to follow. And it solves your "red dot problem": The blinking red dot disappears as soon as you edit your talk page (you do not really have to write text, just edit and save).

broken bones

Hey, sorry to hear about that!!! I did the same thing when I was about your age, it sucks.

I'm pretty busy working now for the next week or so, but I'll try to add you your list later. Do you think we should also put the English name next to it, or maybe it doesn't matter. I can do that if you think it's necessary.

anyway.... more later... cacahuate / काकाहूआटे १४:१०, २५ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)