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Evan (चर्चा | योगदान) द्वारा परिवर्तित २०:४५, २१ मार्च २००७ का अवतरण (What's going on)
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Interface file

No idea. Check with Evan. — रविकिरण् ०९:०२, २१ मार्च २००७ (EDT)

I'm taking a random stab at deciphering this stuff, but the rason no one can edit the the MediaWiki templates is because no one is an administrator. It seems like Evan retired for the night before anyone other than I had created a user account. This writing is a little difficult for us to read so I'd encourage Upmanyu and Ravi to point out who they are to Evan so that he can flip the "bit" and make you both admins. -- Sapphire १५:०८, २१ मार्च २००७ (EDT)
Also, (I think this is Upmanyu's talk page) if you need to figure out which MediaWiki template does what feel free to ask me and I'll help out. You can also E-Mail me, but you'll have to do it through hi:, because I've temporarily disabled the feature allowing shared: , de:, and enL,:uers from contacting me. -- Sapphire
P.S. Sorry about the weird spelling , but I have a hard time editing this wiki. -- Sapphire १५:१६, २१ मार्च २००७ (EDT)
Hey, so, you are now an admin on hi:, which means you can edit MediaWiki: files. See Special:Allmessages for how to edit the little bits and pieces of text around the site.
I've noticed some problems with saving preferences and with OpenID login. I don't know what's going on here, but I'm going to try to debug. There's also an issue with the user page update notification; it all boils down to Apache not liking the Hindi in its configuration files. Once I get that figured out, things should work a little better.
Have you contacted the people who signed up for the expedition? I'm really psyched about this.--Evan १६:४१, २१ मार्च २००७ (EDT)