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Wikitravel:Règles concernant les pages protégées

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The revolutionary nature of Wiki is the ability for any reader of any article to edit that page right now. Wiki is the enabling technology that is making Wikitravel into a really great travel guide. Wikivoyageurs know that we need to keep Wikitravel open and available to make it succeed. We depend on the distributed effort of the millions of people on the Internet to get high-quality, up-to-date and reliable articles.

However, in some circumstances, it may be necessary to protect a page on Wikitravel. When a page is protected, it can only be edited by administrateurs. This is an extreme measure and shouldn't be taken lightly. Whenever possible, we prefer to counteract abusive actions by some users with the ability of other users to edit a page.

Raisons pour protéger une page

Les administrateurs peuvent protéger une page quand à leur avis c'est justifiable. Ils devraient exercer jugement, et errer au coté d'ouverteté. Voici des exemples de raisons pour protéger une page:

  • Le texte de la page doit rester au pied de la lettre inaltéré sur le site. Un exemple est le full text of the Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 license, qui est un document légal que les Wikivoyageurs ne sont pas chargés d'interprêter.
  • Une page de règles a des ramifications légales pour le projet Wikitravel. Pour garantir l'existence continue du projet et les vivres des Wikivoyageurs, on doit avoir des règles. Si ces pages sont souvent compromises, elles doivent être protégées.
  • Une page cause une risque de sécurité à Wikitravel. On espère que le logiciel MediaWiki est assez robuste pour défendre aux attaques simples à travers l'interface Wiki, mais si le cas échoit qu'il ne l'est pas, les administrateurs doivent protéger la page.
  • An out-of-control edit war is underway. If two or more Wikitravellers are involved in an extended edit war over a page and are unable or unwilling to discuss the issue on the appropriate talk page, an administrator can use the page protection feature to declare a cooling-off period on the article until contributors are willing to talk out their differences. Administrators should not protect a page if they are personally involved in the edit war; they should ask another administrator to do it instead.
  • A page is subject to repeated vandalism. This is a special case of the edit war; if a user is repeatedly and systematically vandalizing a page, it should be protected until the user gets their head straight, or they wander away, or they get banned.

Process for protecting a page

Before or immediately after protecting a page, the administrator should note the protection on the accompanying talk page, and add a link on the protected pages page, with a justification for why the page was protected. Other Wikitravellers can and should comment on the protect action there, but it's not the place for discussing the particulars of an edit war.

If the protect action isn't in the above list of reasons, it should be strongly defended and the reason should be added to the above list.

A page should be unprotected as soon as it's feasible. When a page is unprotected, a note to that effect should be put on the protected pages page.