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Pääkaupunki Algier
Valtiomuoto Puoli-presidentillinen tasavalta
Valuutta Algerian dinari (DZD)
Pinta-ala yhteensä: 2,381,740 km2
vettä: 0 km2
maata: 2,381,740 km2
Väkiluku 32,930,091 (heinäkuu 2006 arvio.)
Kieli Arabia (virallinen), ranska berberien kielet
Uskonto sunnilaiset muslimit (valtiouskonto) 99%, katolilaiset 0.5%, Protestantit ja juutalaiset 0.5%
Puhelinnumero 213
Internet-domaini dz
Aikavyöhyke (UTC) CET

Algeria on maa Pohjoisessa Afikassa. Sillä on meriraja pohjoisessa. Luoteessa on Marokko, Tunisia koillisessa, Libya idässä, Niger kaakossa, Mali lounaassa, Mauritania ja Länsi-Sahara lännessä. Algeria on afrikan toisiksi suurin valtio Sudanin jälkeen.



Algerian kartta

Muut kohteet


Much of recent Algerian history has been dominated by civil wars and subsequent warlordism. That said, the country is gradually restoring order and will prove an interesting - if difficult - destination.


Officially 220V 50Hz. Outlets are the European standard CEE-7/7 "Schukostecker" or "Schuko" or the compatible, but non-grounded, CEE-7/16 "Europlug" types. Generally speaking, U.S. and Canadian travelers should pack an adapter for these outlets if they plan to use North American electrical equipment in Algeria.



Algeriaan on lentoja seuraavista paikoista

Espanja: Barcelona, Madrid & Alicante

Ranska: kaikki tärkeät kaupungit

Italia: Rooma & Milan

Iso-Britannia: London Heathrow,Gatwick.

Saksa: Frankfurt,Berlin.

Sveitsi:Geneva ,basel.





Yhdistyneet Arabiemiirikunnat:Dubai, Sharajh ja Ajman.

Marokko: Casablanca.

Tunisia: Tunis.

Libanon: Beirut.

Qatar: Doha.

Egypti: Kairo.


You can reach Algeria by train from Tunisia, but you will have to change the train at the border post. Trains are reasonable, but less comfortable than in Europe. The border between Algeria and Morocco is closed, so there are neither buses nor trains from Morocco.


The only realistic way to reach Algeria by car is across the Tunisian border, as the Moroccan border is closed. The Mauritanian and Malian borders present some security problems as well. Note that if you want to get into Algeria from Niger or from the Tozeur border post in southern Tunisia you'll have to contract an official guide to go with you across the Saharian routes, otherwise police will not allow you to get into Algeria with your car. There are no problems at all if you want to get into Algeria from Tunisian border posts in the north.




  • Alicantesta Algeriin ja Oraniin
  • Almeriasta Gazhaouetiin
  • Barcelonasta Algeriin ja Oraniin


  • Marseillesta Algerian satamiin (Annaba,Skikda,Bejaia,Jijel,Alger,Oran)


  • Napolista Tunisiin ja sen jälkeen on noin tunnin ajomatka Algeriaan
  • Roomasta Tunisiin ja sen jälkeen on noin tunnin ajomatka Algeriaan


In Oran, taxis are very cheap, and a few dinars to go a couple of miles. Buses are almost the same. If you have 2-4 people, taxis are cheaper.


The official language is Arabic. Be warned, though, that North African (Maghrebi) Arabic is quite a different dialect to that spoken in other parts of the Arab World (such as Egypt). This is particularly due to the influence of Berber and French.

French, the former colonial language, is still widely spoken, particularly in urban areas.

Algeria's Berber (Tamazigh) population also hold strongly to their own languages, which are different again.

Arabic-sabah al khair - means Welcome; Arabic-sabah ol khayr - means Good Morning; Arabic-ahlan/Marhaba - means hello; Beber-Azul - also means Hello.

Note: Usually only the young generation in Algeria understand English, but most people are able to communicate in French.



Ghardaia Carpets

Kabyl jewelry and pottery

Touaregs jewelry

Touaregs paintings


fettate (Sahara specialty, Tamanrasset)

taguella (bread of sand)(nomade speciality)


Chorba (soup with meat)




Qalb El Louz (dessert)

Algerian pizza




Variety of Mediterranean juices & teas


Tango Beer is available in most urban areas. Some of the local red wine is palatable.




Pysy turvassa

Despite many Western Foreign Offices will advise you against travelling to Algeria you must know that the terrorism is, at April 2005, focused only in certain areas in the evening. These are: Chlef, Ain Defla, Relizane, Laarba, Medea, and Collo. Do not travel by night, travel by plane if you can instead of by car, avoid minor roads, ask the police if you are not sure about a region, and nothing should happen. (please keep in mind that, as with all non-current and unfinished advisories, one should never trust any third-hand information about the safety of a foreign country)

Pysy terveenä

Algiers is frequently struck by power cuts, which subsequently means that refrigerated foods may go bad. As a result one should take extra care when eating in restaurants, as there is a high possibility of getting food poisoning.

Mosquitoes are also a problem in Algeria, but are simply nuisances, because malaria is not common. In urban areas there are often anti-mosquito measures taken, such as city-wide spraying of mosquitoes in order to cut down their numbers.

When travelling in Algeria one should always use sun protection.


As in all of North Africa, the majority religion is Islam and the normal religious prohibitions and attitudes will apply. When visiting a mosque, for example, be sure to remove your shoes as well as dress conservatively. The exact situation regarding alcohol is not the same around the country, some conservative cities do not have any bars or liquor stores. Keep in mind to only drink at home or in a bar, never on the street.

Also, given the recent political strife, talking politics is probably not advisable.

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