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I fixed Plantilla:IsIn so it should work, now. At least it works for Florida. -- Andrew Haggard (Sapphire)

Are you sure you want it to be {{IsIn|Foo}} rather than something in Spanish, like {{EsParteDe|Foo}}? (I think... my Spanish is about 30 years out of date...). --Evan 08:09 18 ago 2006 (EDT)
Evan, makes a good point and if you want to use a Spanish version move Template:IsIn to Template:Foo that way the isin tags that I've already used still work or else you could change them. -- 11:40 18 ago 2006 (EDT)
I don't know that it really matters. All the other language versions I've played with use IsIn. I'd rather keep it universal personally. Texugo 23:23 18 ago 2006 (EDT)

No man, I didn't see your comments in the talk pages of this articles, but i'll change it and i'll add the templates on this articles. By the way, I didn't write the list of cities on the regions. I past them form Wikipedia but i pretend write at least in the pages of the cities which are more touristical. Nanow jesús madrid 12:03 20 ago 2006 (EDT)

No tienes por que darme las gracias por corregir tu español. Dentro de poco no creo que haga falta corregirlo porque tu español está mejorando mucho. Nanow jesús madrid 05:57 5 sep 2006 (EDT)


Hola Texugo, es importante que acepetes tu candidatura como administrador antes de 14 días si quieres ser administrador. Si no quieres serlo, simplemente hazlo constar en la página de nominaciones. Nanow jesús madrid 15:17 25 sep 2006 (EDT)

Una questión?

Me gustaría saber para qué se utiliza la plantilla:IsIn--Silvestre 08:30 24 nov 2006 (EST)

Is bad?

Is bad to add links to other sites?

-- 19:36 8 ene 2007 (EST)

La página que explica en español todavia no ha sido traducida, pero se puedes leer inglés, vaya para en:Wikitravel:External links. Enlaces son permitidas solamente de fuentes primarias, como sitios oficiales de ciudades, sitios oficiales de hoteles o de atracciónes turisticas. Enlaces para servicios de busca, servicios de reservas, otros guias turisticas, etc. no son permitidas. Texugo 22:00 8 ene 2007 (EST)

Howdy, stranger

Hope things are going well for you. We have a new feature on Wikitravel en:, shared: and de: called "Recent changes patrol" (it's built-in for MediaWiki, but few wikis use it) that helps admins keep track of which edits have been reviewed by another admin. Do you think it would be useful here? Could you and NJM :-) discuss and let me know? --Evan 16:39 9 ene 2007 (EST)