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Guía de conversación inglés

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Guía de conversación inglés

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José : Hi Rocío, how are you? Rocío : Hi José, fine, how are you? José : Well, thank you ... what were you doing? Rocío : Nothing, I was just taking a nap José : Ah, sorry I woke you up ... What happens is that I was coming to make an invitation Rocío : No, no problem, tell me... José : I have tickets to go to the movies today ... Would you like to go? Rocío : Yes, I would like to, but it's too cold to go out and I think it might rain later ... What do you think? José : MMM ... Yes, you are right ... it's already starting to rain Rocío : But we could do something at home ... Would you like? José : Yes, it seems good... What could we do? Rocío : Would you like to Bake cookies and Play a board game? José : No, I would not like it...I would like to see a movie and to make the popcorn Rocío : Yes!!, that's better panorama José : Ok, we will do that…What movie would you like to see? Rocío : I would like to see an action movie ... Do you think it’s ok? José : Yes! Let's see John Wick Rocío : Ok ... You are looking for the movie, I will go to make the popcorn José : Ok Great!