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QORIANKA TOURS SRL. Is a business in Cusco, Peru, with legal personality, incorporated under Law No. 26887General Corporation Law of Peru. Is a serious and formal entity, comply with all administrative, legal and tax of our country.

We have the relevant authorization from the governing bodies of the tourism sector in the city of Cusco, as the Direccion Reginal de Comercio y Turismo " Dircetur - Cusco ".

The National Service of Protected Natural Areas "SERNANP-CUSCO", We Have the provisions of the National Superintendency of Tax Administration "Sunat – Cusco", in conclusion, We are a recognized entity and guaranteed by the Peruvian State, worthy of all credit.

QORIANKA TOURS. we specialize in tours peru, Salkantay trek, inca trail, traditional tours in Cusco, Machu Picchu, trek, etc. MACHU PICCHU TRAVEL