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Wonosobo is a small regency and city in Central Java, Indonesia. Wonosobo lies between 2 mountains, Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing, and enjoys cool and humid weather all the time. Like any other small cities in Central Java, Wonosobo is very quiet, peaceful city, and the city life is practically ended at 6-7 pm.

Mt Sindoro viewed from Wonosobo city


The city's name is derived from Sanskrit Vanasabha, which means "gathering place in the forest". Wonosobo, as well as the other nearest city, Temanggung, is well-known for its tobacco and tea plantation. The view of tobacco and tea plantation will greet you upon entering the city. Situated in 270 m to 2250 m above sea level, Wonosobo region is also a perfect place for vegetables farming, with almost every vegetables known in groceries store are planted here.

in July and August, farmers in the outskirts of Wonosobo, especially Wonosobo-Temanggung border, will begin harvesting tobacco leaf. They will use street along the way to Wonosobo extensively to dry the tobacco leaf, and then transport it to the city. You will encounter slight traffic when you enter the city from Magelang.

Get inEdit

By busEdit

The main bus station is Mendolo, approximately 8 km to the east of the city center. There are regular services to and from Jakarta, mainly Sinar Jaya bus network, with costs around Rp 60,000 (non A/C) - Rp 75,000 (A/C).

If you are planning to go to Wonosobo from Yogyakarta, you need to go to Giwangan Bus Terminal, and hop on to the bus to Magelang. It will cost you around Rp 15,000 (depends on the bus, A/C or without A/C). In Magelang Bus Terminal, find a small bus to go to Wonosobo, the bus is without A/C. It will cost you around Rp 15,000.

You can get to the city center from Mendolo bus station using yellow Angkot. Just tell the driver to get to Plasa, the city center. Pay no more than Rp 5,000.

By carEdit

There are several travel agents in Yogyakarta providing minivan (Mitsubishi L300, Isuzu Panther) to go to Wonosobo. The cost is Rp 36,000 - Rp 40,000.

  • Rahayu Travel, Yogyakarta office : Jl.P Diponegoro 27 Phone: +62 274 587080. Wonosobo office : +62 286 321217.

Take this one with caution. Sometimes, if you're unlucky, you will get a driver who will take a break for more than 30 minutes without asking his passengers how long they need to stop, plus he's cranky. If you're lucky, you will get a friendly and understanding driver. The cars are quite old and uncomfortable. They said full-AC, but the fact is the driver couldn't bother to turn the AC on. The trip from Yogyakarta to Wonosobo takes 4 hours, longer than the 3-hour normal travel time by car. Watch out for bedbugs on the car seat too. This one costs Rp 40,000.

  • Andyni Travel, Yogyakarta office: Jl. AM Sangaji No.12, Phone: +62 274 6672767 06:00-20:00, Wonosobo office: Jl.Veteran MB, No.11, Phone: +62 286 322211 06:00-20:00.

If you're willing to take a bit of an adventurous journey, take this one. They take a different route and the road is narrower and curvier, but it cuts the traveling time to half. They use new APV's, like Isuzu APV, which is far more comfortable than the old Mitsubishi L300 and faster too. This one costs Rp 65,000. Make sure you reserve a seat first a day before your travel date and try your best to prepare your story in Indonesian for the obvious reasons.

Get aroundEdit

The main public transportation in the city are Angkot and Dokar (horse-pulled cart with 2 wheels). Angkot are centralized in Pasar Induk Wonosobo (Wonosobo major traditional marketplace), near Plasa. The fare is around Rp 1,500 (short distance) - 4,000 (long distance).

Air pollution is scarce, however the smell of horse manure will certainly be part of your travel around Wonosobo. Do haggle when you intend to ride a Dokar. Usually for a short distance trip, they will go for Rp 5,000.


Wonosobo is well-known for its mountaineous scenery. The view of Mount Sindoro and Sumbing itself from the city will draw amazement.

  • Menjer Lake. It is one of the biggest lake in Wonosobo. The lake is situated 12 km to the north of city center. The entrance fee is Rp 3,000 on peak season. You may walk a path for about 400 m around the lake. The scenery is quite beautiful, but but the lake is not so well preserved. Villagers use the lake to grow fishes in karamba (fish cages). You will likely see fishing activity here. Do rent the boat for about Rp 100,000 to tour around the lake. Don't forget to bring lunch, because you surely can't find restaurants near by. Snack stalls are available.
  • Tambi Agritourism. You can view the beautiful tea plantation scenery in Tambi tea plantation, located in Kecamatan Kejajar. As part of the tour, you can see also Tambi tea factory, and the tea production process firsthand. Tambi tea factory was built in 1865 during Dutch colonization. The Tambi Agritourism is managed by Tambi Tea Factory.
  • Dieng Plateau. Dieng Plateau is the most famous tourist attraction in Wonosobo regency. You can see a beautiful Telaga Warna ("Colorful lake"), set of Hindu temples, and Dieng craters.


  • Morning at Alun-alun Wonosobo. Alun-alun is a central gathering place of Wonosoban. It is located at the city center, in front of the house/office of Wonosobo regency leader ("bupati"). Jog or walk around the Alun-alun to feel and breathe the fresh air of Wonosobo. Alun-alun is usually crowded with Wonosoban, particularly students of the near schools, doing exercise. you may head to the Alun-alun in the early morning, preferably 6-7 am, to avoid the crowd. The Alun-alun itself was recently undergone a major make-ups, and you can see that the pavement around the Alun-alun is very well-crafted.
  • Mountain Climbing. 2 big mountains are available for mountain climbing, Sindoro and Sumbing. You can access Sindoro through Rejosari village, or via Kledung.
  • Warm bath at Kalianget. Should you need a warm soothing bath, you can go to Kalianget public pool, means "warm river". Entrance fee is Rp 1,000, and you can "rent" a bath tub for Rp 5,000. Just don't expect an international standard of cleanliness here.


You can get different types of chips, made locally in Wonosobo. Ranging from cassava-based chips to mushroom chips, the varieties of chips would entertain your taste buds. You can find them in any "oleh-oleh" (gift) shops in the city. There is one shop, called Tri Rasa, located in front of Hotel Surya Asia (Jl. Jenderal Ahmad Yani) that offers several interesting options.


Wonosobo is well known for its traditional snacks and appetizers.

  • "No name buffet place" (Jl. Bhayangkara). A lovely little old lady is cooking a variety of delicious dishes, including vegetarian options (fried tempeh, curried tofu, green veggies with grated coconut, etc.), and you can help yourself of what please you, on white rice, for 5,000 a plate. It's a very simple but authentic place.
  • Mie Ongklok (Ongklok noodle), a mix (Ongklok means "to mix") of noddle with a thick sauce, cabbage, sliced tofu and tempeh, served with beef satay and peanut sauce. There are two famous places in Wonosobo to eat Mie Ongklok, Mie Ongklok Pak Muhadi at Jalan Ahmad Yani and Mie Ongklok Bu Umi Longkrang at Jalan Pasukan Ronggolawe.
  • Tempe Kemul. Tempe kemul is a fried starch flour-covered tempeh, usually enriched with kucai leafs (Allium tuberosum). You may find stalls selling tempe kemul almost everywhere in Wonosobo.
  • Keripik Jamur(mushroom chips). you can find this popular snack in Rita supermarket (there is only one supermarket in this city).



Several budget hotels ("losmen") are available and mostly located on the main street.

  • Hotel Dieng Wonosobo (Hotel Dieng Wonosobo), jl. Raya Dieng Km. 2 Wonosobo, 085729255588.  edit
  • Hotel Arjuna. Jalan Sindoro (near Alun-Alun). Phone +62 286 321389. hot shower is available. From Rp. 75,000
  • Hotel Petra. Jalan Ahmad Yani. Phone +62 286 321447. The staffs are friendly. Hot shower is available. From Rp. 75,000.


  • Duta Homestay. Jl Rumah Sakit Umum 3. Phone +62 81393379954. Rp 300.000 for double/twin (August 2014). Gorgeous house with preciously collected furniture & decoration, green little garden, comfy & luminous rooms, and a very helpful and friendly housekeeper (Hely).
  • Kresna Gallery Hotel. Jalan Pasukan Ronggolawe No. 30 (near Alun-Alun). Phone +62 286 324111.
  • Hotel Surya Asia. Jalan Ahmad Yani 137. Phone +62 286 322992. Rp 325.000 for superior (2 bed)


The local area code for Wonosobo is 286

Get outEdit


  • Dieng Plateau, one of the Indonesia's nature wonder famous. A vast plateau that offers a number of tourist attractions.


  • Banjarnegara, another neighboring city famous for Dawet Ayu and waterpark. Also have been a long-time favorite destination for river-rafting.
  • Purwokerto, a bustling transit city close to the famous, Baturaden, Mount Slamet and surrounding highlands.


  • Parakan, a sleepy small town adjacent to the great twins Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing.
  • Temanggung, a small town surrounded by verdant agriculture lands.
  • Semarang, the provincial capital and largest city. A Unique metropolis with harmonious blend of Dutch, Chinese, Javanese, and modern architectures and cultures.


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