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Although Wisconsin has the nation's most liberal drinking-and-driving laws this has led to very strict enforcement and prosecution.  The legal drinking limit is 0.08%.
Wisconsinites do not have a strong independent culture.  Many root for the Chicago Cubs or Minnesota Twins, for example.  They do not speak like Canadians as in the movie [[Fargo]].  Wisconsinites speak as do most in the midwest, with the traditional American English speach popular on the television and considered to be the most universal and understandable of all accents and drawls in the U.S.

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Wisconsin is a state in the Midwest in the United States of America.



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Wisconsin is known for its natural beauty and has a large number of state parks to visit.



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Greyhound busses provide travel throughout the state, along all major cities and towns along I-43, I-45, I-90, I-94, and more, servicing among others Appleton, Brookfield, Eau Claire, Fond du lac, Green Bay, Kenosha, La Crosse, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Racine, Steven's Point, Waukesha, Wisconsin Dells, and more.

Milwaukee has one international airport (General Mitchel). Madison and Oshkosh both have regional hubs (Dane County and Wittman Regional Airports, respectively).

There is a fast Amtrack Metro line that travels between Milwaukee and Chicago, stopping at Kenosha and Racine. There is also a regular passenger Amtrak line that effectively parallels I-94.



Tourism is one of Wisconsin's largest industries, relying on Illini and others who enter during the summer for fishing and its parks and recreational facilities such as those in Wisconsin Dells, those entering during the fall for a very popular hunting season, and Winter for ice-fishing, ice-sailing, ice-skating, skiing, snowmobiling, and more.

If you look at your left hand, palm facing away from you, it looks like the shape of Wisconsin. Door County would be your thumb, a peninsula extending into Lake Michigan. Door County is well known as a vacation destination for family outing (esp. family reunions) and laid-back vacations. It has numerous apple and cherry orchards, boating on Lake Michigan, and many B&Bs.

Noah's Ark is "America's largest Waterpark" in Wisconsin Dells. Wisconsin Dells is full of waterparks, amusement parks, shopping and shows. It also includes Tommy Bartlett's Watershow, one of the world's greatest waterski shows. Wisconsin Dells is also famous for its ducks, truck-like vehicles that can travel on land and sea that travel from lake to lake and along the rivers of "the Dells" to demonstrate the sights and nature.


Sheboygan is the home of the bratwurst and the hamburger, both of which having been invented there. The Bratwurst is a state delicacy served during summer cookouts, preferally boiled in beer prior to being grilled.

The hamburger was said to have been first served as a meatball-like product when its creator realized they stayed on the bun better if flattened. It was first sold at a Sheboygan fair. I cannot remember the name of the fair or the inventor - but I figure someone from Sheboygan could tell you.

Frozen custard is also a Wisconsin delicacy not found often outside the midwest. Frozen custard is similar to ice cream (it is NOT yogurt!). It is unique in that there is far less air in it (making it less "fluffy" and far more smooth and creamy). It contains egg, making it richer and creamier. It has an inappropriate reputation as unhealthy relative to ice cream when in fact most frozen custards have less calories, less fat and less sugar, being "less healthy" only in that it has slightly more cholesterol than ice cream.


Milwaukee is home to the Milwaukee Brewers - both the baseball team and numerous breweries. Until Pabst moved its factory to St. Louis during the late 1990s Milwaukee was the brewing and beer brewing capital of the nation. It still has Miller's largest plant and many, many local breweries. Some more famous "small" breweries include Point, Schlitz, and Sprechers (the latter also makes many fine sodas). Many restaurants and bars have their own local breweries inside the facility such that patrons can see the tanks as they eat.

Wisconsin has the nation's most lenient drinking-and-driving laws, and a "town" (for incorporation purposes) must include a minimum of one church and two taverns.

Grays soda is well know for its sodas using real grain sugar (rather than the fine, processed sugar used almost everywhere else in all American food) which gives the flavor a unique and outstanding flavor. Grays makes primarily fruit-flavored sodas and reuses (not recycles) its bottles, so bring 'em back.

Sprechers also is well known, and is gaining recognition nationwide, for its sodas, particularly its root beer and unique labels such as Orange Dream, Raven Red, etc. A Root Beer or Orange Dream float with vanilla Frozen Custard is about the best beverage one can find.


Wisconsin is known for top notch service in all of their sleeping establishments.

  • Heidel House Resort, [1]. A well-known resort is located in Green Lake.

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