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Wikitravel talk:Why Wikitravel doesn't use official names

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I think the official-names issue is one that could potentially turn into a can of worms but shouldn't. On this page, it says that "there are often difficulties with official names". This is a common misunderstanding that people have about official names. When we mean official names in Wikitravel, we don't actually native-language government-official names. For example, we can see this list below, for the names of Bucharest.

  • English-language common name: Bucharest.
  • English-language official name: Bucharest. Yes, it's still the same. This name is used by the government and by the Romanian media, and even though it's the same as the common name, it is still official (i.e. endorsed by Romania in this case).
  • Native-language official name: Bucureşti. This is what many people think of when we refer to official names, but it shouldn't be the case. This is an English-language guide, we shouldn't use native-language names.
  • Native-language long official name: Municipiul Bucureşti. Meaning the Municipality of Bucharest, this is the full name, as long as it gets. This is the stuff used in laws and forms, etc. This of couse, would be stupid to use in Wikitravel.

I'm not using Mumbai here because it would be strange just to constantly use this example when there are so many others around.

But, as we can see, using correct, official names does not mean we have to use Bangkok's 163 character name, it also doesn't mean we have to use City and County of San Francisco, because the "San Francisco" is still official. Ronline 06:16, 17 May 2004 (EDT)