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Umm... so I CAN'T take the travel articles I wrote for the Wikipedia and paste them in here and say 'look I wrote this for you!'? I started writing travel stuff on Australia for the wikipedia, but I never got very far because I kept getting sidetracked. There's probably nothing I can't recreate anyway so it's not a big deal...

So basically, we can only put stuff in here if it comes straight out of our own heads? KJ 22:00, 5 Aug 2003 (PDT)

Yes, if you have copyright -- if you wrote the stuff -- then you can put it in Wikitravel. But you can't take an article you started on Wikipedia and which got edited by dozens of people and copy it directly to Wikitravel. I know that sucks, but see Wikitravel:Why Wikitravel isn't GFDL for deetz. -- Evan 22:05, 5 Aug 2003 (PDT)

I've transferred an article that I wrote from wikipedia on Kakadu National Park. I think the only contribution from other wikipedians was somebody closed a bracket. Are you saying that I cannot transfer my own work? Tiles 23:06, 5 Aug 2003 (PDT)

I just asked that. If you're SURE that nobody else has been fiddling around with your text then go ahead and import it. In my case I figure that it's probably as easy to rewrite from scratch because I know that my articles have been re-edited a few times by other people... Your article on Kakadu looks great! I hope you've got more like it! :) KJ
Yes, you can copy your own work. First, check the Page History to make sure that you're actually doing that. Second, put a note on the talk page to the effect that you copied it from Wikipedia. Lastly, remember that there's a difference between a travel journal and an encyclopedia. We need practical travel information, not encyclopedic content. We want articles people can print out and put in their back pocket. Please re-check our goals and non-goals; does the article you've already written meet them? If not, why bother copying it? -- Evan 07:35, 6 Aug 2003 (PDT)

Removed link

I removed this statement about Wikitravel not being a Wikimedia project: The reason is explained here. The reasons, which are many, are not in fact explained there at all. --Evan 13:17, 25 May 2005 (EDT)

WikiPedia:Template:User Wikitravel.

Just add "Wikitravel" to your Babel box, or use WikiPedia:Template:User Wikitravel.

Not sure if I understand what WikiPedia:Template:User Wikitravel should do, especially on Wikipedia site? --JanSlupski 23:04, 4 April 2006 (EDT)


I created a template for the extra welcome bit for Wikipedians - you can type {{subst:wikipedian}} after the usual welcome message - Cacahuate 03:39, 27 February 2007 (EST)

Wikipedia becoming Wikitravel-compatible?

There's a report on Slashdot [1] that the FSF (in cooperation with Wikimedia and Creative Commons) is updating the GFDL to be compatible with the CC-By-SA license that Wikitravel uses. When this happens, and Wikipedia is relicensed under the new version of GFDL, that will mean that content from WP could be copied verbatim into WT. Not that we want lots of wholesale imports of this sort, but at least it might lighten the task of explaining to newbies that they Can't Do That when they copy-paste a bit of history or geography from WP into WT articles. - Todd VerBeek 18:52, 1 December 2007 (EST)