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This expedition is under development. Please voice your concerns and opinions on how to define this expedition, its mission, etc. on the talk page. Also, as this is a group effort please share these opinions before editing this page.

The current status of the Routes expedition is: POOR.

Routes Expedition is a Wikitravel Expedition to promote and coordinate collaboration to provide coverage for information about major highways. If you'd like to join the effort, please add your signature to the bottom of the page!






What Should be included


Where to draw the line

Helpful Resources


As long as this expedition is in its infancy, we'll keep a list of articles here for easy reference. Eventually, a list pages will need to be created to list all articles:

Routes Expedition Members

Please list your name and what you think you can do best, such as which highways you might work on, if you can create logos for the route (like the Interstate 40 logo at top), if you can make maps of routes, etc.

  • AHeneen, I can contribute to US Interstates, namely in the southeast.
  • Epolk - I can create articles for any U.S. Interstates and am familiar with most of the Interstates in California, Arizona, and Nevada so I can expand and fact check those articles as needed.