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Wikitravel:World Heritage Expedition

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UNESCO World Heritage Site symbol

The World Heritage Expedition is an expedition to complete one of Wikitravel's remaining milestones — creating an article for every UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The milestone will be considered achieved when articles for all 878 sites on the official UNESCO list have been created and linked in from the UNESCO World Heritage Site page. However, the project will continue indefinitely, as new sites are added yearly (usually in June or July) and the articles of existing sites can always be improved.

How you can help

  • Compare the country listings at UNESCO World Heritage Site with the official list.
    • Add in any missing sites.
    • Once a country's listings are in order, tag it with a comment like this: <!-- All sites up to 2008 -->. Use last year the list was updated, not the current date.
  • Investigate red links in UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    • If the site already exists under a different name, fix the link or redirect as appropriate.
    • If the site does not exist, create an outline article and link it in from the master list as well as the appropriate country/region pages.


  • December 7, 2008 (START): X of Y countries/regions completed.