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November 28, 2003

November 28, 2003: Wikitravel has a new Main Page. After a few days of experimenting this is the door through which anyone who is interested in free travel information can enter Wikitravel and collaborate.

November 24, 2003

Wikitravel's Main Page is going through some major reconstruction. Interested contributors can try out experiments and suggestions on the Main Page test page. Remember: keep it nice and simple.

November 23, 2003

A new Expedition has been formed to identify, coordinate, and cooperate with projects related to Wikitravel. See the Fellow Traveller Expedition to suggest related projects or ways to cooperate with them.

November 18, 2003

Another upgrade of the MediaWiki software. The previous one didn't go a smoothly as was at first supposed, but the 20031118 version seems promising. Again, please file a bug report if you see anything amiss.

Thanks again, again to the MediaWiki team.

November 16, 2003

We completed an upgrade of the MediaWiki software to the 20031107 stable version. Things went pretty smoothly, as usually, but if you see any problems, please file a bug report.

Thanks again to the MediaWiki team for making such a great piece of software.

November 9, 2003

Welcome Spaniards! There was a brief mention of Wikitravel in Barrapunto. We are still looking for a Spanish phrasebook, by the way...

November 7, 2003

We passed a milestone some time last night. Wikitravel now has over 100 registered users. More people means more and better content -- thanks to everyone who joined in the last few days.

November 6, 2003

There's an article on Kuro5hin about Wikitravel right now. Welcome Kuro5hin readers and community members!

November 5, 2003

There's an article in Advogato about Wikitravel.