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Wikitravel Press (WTP) is an independent company that publishes printed guidebooks based on Wikitravel content. This article covers relations between Wikitravel the website and Wikitravel Press the company. Please see also the Wikitravel Press FAQ.


Wikitravel Press is a commercial venture operated by Peter, Jani, Michele and Evan. Internet Brands has licensed the Wikitravel trademark to the company, but is not managing and does not own the company. Books are sold at competitive prices (typically US$12-17 plus shipping and other fees), primarily through Amazon.com. Per the Wikitravel copyleft, the books themselves are subject to the same Creative Commons license as Wikitravel Web pages, so they can be copied and reused freely.

Wikitravel Press hires book editors to assemble relevant and great destination guides, abridge or expand them, and make final copy-editing and fact-checking tasks. Where this work coincides with the Wikitravel manual of style, the work is contributed directly back onto wikitravel.org.

On related Wikitravel destination guide pages, there are clearly separated links to the wikitravelpress.com site to buy a copy of the book that includes that guide. The placement of these links was extensively discussed on Shared, but more input is always welcome.

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