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===Creating a new guide===
===Creating a new guide===
* [[Wikitravel:Article naming conventions|Article naming convention]]
* [[Wikitravel:Naming conventions|Article naming convention]]
* [[Wikitravel:Article_templates|Article templates]]
* [[Wikitravel:Article_templates|Article templates]]
** [[Wikitravel:Region_article_template|Region article template]]
** [[Wikitravel:Region_article_template|Region article template]]

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To help further the goals laid out in the Tourist Bureau Expedition this page will help direct tourism professionals to related Wikitravel policies and explain any questions.

How can my bureau help?

Any help on Wikitravel is greatly appreciated and a good place to start about what kind of help we’re looking for is Ways to help Wikitravel. Additionally, we’re always looking for help with adding tourist maps and images to Wikitravel, however, we need all materials uploaded or shared with Wikitravel to be compliant with our copyright policy and image policy.

How do we edit Wikitravel?

The first thing option is to plunge forward and do your best to follow our manual of style. Don’t worry about the little mistakes, because we’ll help you out and fix any mistakes. To make your Wikitravel editing experience more enjoyable and less hassle free please read over several of the policies listed below. We know, from personal experience, that using wiki markup is confusing, but reading our wiki markup will help you.

Creating a new guide

Guidelines for listings

Currently, Wikitravel is in the process of converting to using new listings. It’s recommended that staff members of CVBs use these listings for ease of use. For an example on how these listings are used please see Singapore or Cincinnati.

Also, please read over the following policies:

See also