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BALI aborigin [1]

Bali ancient tribe live in Trunyan village, having unique mystery of culture in treating body-died people/decease. They simply leave the body on the ground to decompose nature way its look lack of respect, Bali ancient believe that fate of a body abandoned by it soul should be left in the hand of God, the body of decease wrapped in a thin shroud and lied under the rim-wall of mount Abang in mount Batur area in their holly ground yard. Should there be another body coming in before the first one completely decomposed it’ll simply be placed next to the old one. When old body has decomposed its remain bones skull, skeleton will put side off to make a room for the new comer dead-body. Bali aga graveyard it doesn’t look like generally graveyard but massacres like, most curious of this culture is fact that even the dead body is not treat with chemical preservative it isn’t smell bad during decomposing process. The Bali tribesmen has many exotic life culture such as; their girl not allowed get married to Bali mainland(outsider) if this happen that’s meant the girl violated the Bali tribe rule the effect the girl evicted out. They can only married inter community (incestuous). Bali aga is Bali aboriginal that is why life-culture way of life and characters are difference than Bali mainland, Balinese mainland mostly come from java island exodus who has come to the island cause of Majapahit fall in thirteen century. Their village lies under crater rim of mount Batur in the bank of Lake Batur very remote and seclude village, but still reachable by boat and on foot. Actually the bali aga has been cornered and isolated from other part of island for few centuries, Bali aga receipt hard influence from newcomer(Balinese mainland) finally I said lets go there see, greet, meet them, shake their warm hand than you’ll understand them.