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Experience Nicaragua

Experience Nicaragua Spanish & Volunteer Experience Nicaragua offers to combine the best of a Spanish learning experience abroad and the opportunity to be a volunteer and make a cifference in the community of one of the worlds developing countries, in Nicaragua, where we are located.

Spanish & Volunteer

Spanish Program Spanish Basic / Spanish Volunteer The school facilities is a big and fresh colonial house, located only 1 block from the central park, here the students can enjoy their lessons and get confidence in their Spanish skills in a 100% Spanish speaking atmosphere The staff and teachers at "Experience Nicaragua"

Volunteering Experience Nicaragua Volunteering Program: Sharing a friendly & hands-on time with our people For volunteers, Nicaragua Volunteer provides them with the possibility of observing and participating in the everyday survival tasks of our local communities.

More information

Experience Nicaragua Spanish & Volunteer opportunities in Granada Nicaragua Experience Nicaragua, gets its name from the beautiful city which hosts the school "The colonial Granada City".

The school facilities is a big and fresh colonial house, located only 1 block from the central park. Here the students can enjoy their lessons and build confidence in their Spanish skills in a 100% Spanish speaking atmosphere. The staff and teachers at "Experience Nicaragua" are experienced, engergetic, positive minded and very supportive of their students. Their alegría creates a fun environment in the school.

The school's homestay families are very warm and attentive to their student guests and have a reputation for offering very good meals a-la-estilo Granada.

The schools afternoon activities and excursions are varied and take advantage of Granada's great cultural and artistic heritage visits to various other towns which can vary depending on your program selected (see feature programs), volunteer work and participation with local service and cultural organizations which are the real vitality of the local community.

Granada is a great location for learning Spanish, Nicaraguan history and culture. The city is alive and vibrant, and the people are friendly, helpful and inquisitive. There is a sense of history, community and aesthetics here that makes Granada and "Experience Nicaragua" such a special experience that students don't want to leave!

Why choose Experience Nicaragua? Enroled in our Spanish courses YOU will get: 1- FRIENDLY & patient experienced Instructors 2- The LESSONS are personalized to match your pace 3- FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES for your Spanish course 4- SPANISH PLACEMENT TEST 5- CLASS MATERIALS are INCLUDED without extra cost 6- ENROLL in a exiting volunteering adventure and without any Placement Fee. Also if you are volunteering with us YOU will: - "Give back" to society in a practical, compassionate way. - Wage peace personally and help eradicate injustice. - Learn first-hand about poverty and homelessness. - Contribute to the successes of local development work. - Share cultural insights with like-minded team mates. - Employ your talents and skills in an unconventional setting. - Experience a foreign culture from inside -- as a "non-tourist."

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