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Every article on Wikitravel has an associated discussion page for discussing that article. Discussion pages are not chat boards or comment areas; they're for coordinating editorial decisions, suggesting new material that should be considered, and generally collaborating on making a great article. For questions, comments, or personal stories about a destination or topic, check out Wikitravel Extra.

If you have new information for an article, by all means plunge forward and edit that page. But if there are multiple people working on an article, it can help to use that article's discussion page to divide up tasks and hammer out differences.

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User talk pages

The discussion page for a user page is special; it's called a user talk page. You can use user talk pages to leave someone in particular a personal message. Don't forget that they're publicly accessible, and anyone can read them. Try to keep discussions about a particular article on that article's talk page, too.

Travellers' pub

If you have something to discuss about Wikitravel as a whole, the Wikitravel:Travellers' pub is a good place to put your comments. You can also add a talk-page style note to the Logbook by clicking on "Today's Log" in the left-hand nav bar.

Requests for comment

If you think an issue needs more attention, you can add it to the requests for comment page to get more attention on it.


There are some points of etiquette in using discussion pages that have built up over the years. Here are a few:

  • Unlike everything else in Wikitravel, it's considered bad form to change someone else's posts on a discussion page — even to correct spelling or grammar.
  • It's usually perfectly OK, though, to change something you wrote on a discussion page, for any reason. If you made spelling or grammatical errors, feel free to change them.
  • If, in the heat of the moment, you said something you regret, go ahead and change that, too.
  • And, ForgiveAndForget when someone changes a nasty comment to something more civil and productive.
  • As an exception, it's impolite to remove a comment if someone's responded to it. It makes them look ridiculous.
  • In general, conversations aren't deleted from discussion pages but are instead archived when they are old or no longer relevant. To archive discussions simply create a new page such as User talk:Mypage/Archive and copy the old discussions to it.
  • It's best to wait until the page has grown quite long before archiving, and such archives should always be clearly linked from the principal discussion page, so that everything is easy to find. Avoid archiving discussions on destination and policy article talk pages. Archives should not be edited.


If you must rant, there are endless venues to do so in the internet. While everyone is entitled to a good one now and then, off topic rants on discussion pages will usually be reverted.