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This is the '''Wikitravel''' TourBus stop.  
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[[Wikitravel:About|Wikitravel]] is a project to create a [[:shared:Copyleft|free]], complete, up-to-date and reliable '''world-wide travel guide'''. So far we have {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} destination guides and other articles written and edited by [[Wikitravel:Wikitravellers|Wikitravellers]] from around the globe.
[[Wikitravel:About|Wikitravel]] is a project to create a [[:shared:Copyleft|free]], complete, up-to-date and reliable '''world-wide travel guide'''. So far we have {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} destination guides and other articles written and edited by [[Wikitravel:Wikitravellers|Wikitravellers]] from around the globe.
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Bus connections:  
Bus connections:  
* Bus Nr. 05 - '''Tourism & Travel Community Tour''' - next stop: [ GeeksTourOfSiliconValley:TourBusStop]
* Bus Nr. 05 - '''Tourism
* Bus Nr. 06 - '''Eclectic Wiki Tour''' -  next stop: [ MemoryAlphaWiki:TourBusStop]
* Bus Nr. 108 - '''MediaWiki Tour''' - next stop: [[:Wikipedia:Wikipedia:TourBusStop|Wikipedia:TourBusStop]]
'''Famous sights to visit here at Wikitravel:'''
;[[Wikitravel:Goals and non-goals|Goals and non-goals]]
:An overview of what we're trying to do with Wikitravel.
;[[United States of America]]
:An example of a '''country guide''', describing the USA.
: An example of a '''city guide'''.
;[[Dutch phrasebook]]
: A traveller's phrasebook for the Dutch language. Wikitravel aims to provide [[Wikitravel:Phrasebook Expedition|phrasebooks]] for most languages.
;[[Arriving in a new city]]
: Along with guides, Wikitravel also has articles on '''travel topics'''. This one gives tips about arriving in a new city.
;For other topics,
: Check out the [[Main Page]] or use the Find box on any page on the site.
;[[Wikitravel:Welcome, newcomers|Welcome, newcomers]]
: Is the starting point for those who want to [[Wikitravel:Ways to help Wikitravel|help]].
:''Note: [[meatball:BusManagement|Bus Management]] on [[meatball:MeatballWiki|MeatballWiki]] co-ordinates the tour bus.''

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Wikitravel is a project to create a free, complete, up-to-date and reliable world-wide travel guide. So far we have 28,332 destination guides and other articles written and edited by Wikitravellers from around the globe.

Wikitravel uses the MediaWiki software to run our wiki. We keep our content free using the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 license.


Bus connections:

  • Bus Nr. 05 - Tourism