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# '''[[Vail]]''', [[USA]]
# '''[[Vail]]''', [[USA]]
# '''[[Perisher]]''', [[Australia]]
# '''[[Perisher]]''', [[Australia]]
| valign="top" | [[File:New Orleans Jackson Square Presbytere Cathedral.jpg|300px|center]]
# '''[[New Orleans]]''', [[USA]]- Super Bowl XLVII
# '''[[Osaka]]''', [[Japan]]-  Four Continents Figure Skating Championships
# '''[[Houston]]''', [[USA]]-  All-Star Game
# '''[[Daytona Beach]]''', [[USA]]- Daytona 500
# '''[[Mumbai]]''', [[India]]- ODI World Cup for Women
# '''[[South Africa]]'''- Africa Cup of Nations
# '''[[Gothenburg]]''', [[Sweden]]- European Athletics Indoor Championships
# '''[[Huntington Beach]]''', [[USA]]- Surf City USA Marathon

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Top Destinations is Wikitravel's heading for top places around the world for various categories. If you have some suggestions for future top places please list them in the section Upcoming.


  • [[Link]] any place names.
  • '''Boldface''' the place
  • The articles don't need to be perfect, but preference should be given to those with a status of "usable" or higher.

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Top Destinations 2013 Top Ski Destinations Top Sport Destinations
  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Singapore
  4. San Francisco, USA
  5. Marrakech, Marocco
  6. Marseille, France
  7. New Delhi, India
  8. Quito, Ecuador
  9. Budva, Montenegro
  10. Istanbul, Turkey
Blue Sky Basin Vail Colorado USA.jpg
  1. Jackson (Wyoming), USA
  2. Zermatt, Switzerland
  3. Rossland, Canada
  4. Sun Valley (Idaho), USA
  5. Chamonix, France
  6. Davos, Switzerland
  7. Aspen, USA
  8. Mont-Tremblant, Canada
  9. Vail, USA
  10. Perisher, Australia
New Orleans Jackson Square Presbytere Cathedral.jpg
  1. New Orleans, USA- Super Bowl XLVII
  2. Osaka, Japan- Four Continents Figure Skating Championships
  3. Houston, USA- All-Star Game
  4. Daytona Beach, USA- Daytona 500
  5. Mumbai, India- ODI World Cup for Women
  6. South Africa- Africa Cup of Nations
  7. Gothenburg, Sweden- European Athletics Indoor Championships
  8. Huntington Beach, USA- Surf City USA Marathon