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Jump to: navigation, search is a Inbound and Outbound tour and travel operators in India. Visit Kerala India, Book Kerala Ayurveda Packages, Ayurveda in Delhi , India tour package, Spa offers and packages, Holiday packages in India, Kerala resorts and Kerala Ayurvedic treatments. Further information can be got at :


"Provision of quality rich travel & tour services while assisting our clients in their quest for well-being through structured Holiday packages with focus on Rejuvenation (Leisure and Wellness), Health and Peace (Yoga, Meditation, Religious tours); ensuring that all clients have hassle-free quality experience and making use of success rewards for enhancing knowledge of team Travelshanti and promoting commitment to service and performance at all levels, thereby helping to improve all the lives we touch..."


To be the preferred provider of pertinent details and bespoke services for ‘Hassle-free and Peaceful Travel’ and ‘Holidays Travel towards - Rejuvenation, Health & Peace / Leisure & Wellness’.

Statistical studies have revealed that at all times around 20% of the total population is travelling; however ‘hassle-free and peaceful journey for holidays’ i.e. travelling + stay + activities devoid of any anxieties and uncertainties is what we all desire. This concept of ‘peaceful journey’ gains greater importance when viewed along with the stresses that we have to endure in simply living our life. A growing number of people have given up destination hopping in favour of relaxed leisurely holidays in places where they gain balance and a feeling of well-being. Furthermore, there are Leisure destinations, wellness treatments and other activities known for bringing one closer to the ever so elusive ‘well-being’ promotes Travel towards Leisure, Wellness and Shanti (Peace) resulting in your well-being.

Meaning of Shanti (originated from Sanskrit) in Hindi is peace. The sound (śāntiḥ) of the word is also very alluring. Hindus like Buddhists chant Shanti thrice. The three repetitions of the word are to render peace to the complete individual by calming mind, body and soul. team is engaged at enabling relaxed and uncomplicated travel towards leisure and wellness for holistic-health. To the end, requisite details and services are extended to all concerned.

Promoted by Ice Digitals Pvt. Ltd., the venture is backed by a team with decades of experience in the online domain, of which a significant part came in exclusively from travel based domains. is committed to enable relaxed and uncomplicated holidays and travel to all our clients. Group’s mentor is Achal.

With, you can enjoy the feel of stress-free journey for your Holidays. From us you can book/buy as well as gather info on Leisure and Wellness packages involving Ayurveda, SPA and other alternatives, travel destinations for wellness, rejuvenation packages with Golfing getaways, Leisure breaks, SPA dining, yoga and spiritual packages, railways and flights (international and domestic), hotels and lodging, holiday tour packages, SPA options, travel related Astro details, wellness and travel products etc.. Further, there are blog links for tips on safe travel, packing and more. The focus is at rendering quality travel services to destinations, well researched for wellness activities and keeping the clients engaged further by offering Art, Culture and shopping experience. A trouble free, luxurious travel as we define for our customers entails positive transformation of the mind, body and soul.

Travel Peacefully! Travel towards Rejuvenation, Health & Peace! Enjoy and be safe! Further information can be got at :