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Aliabad (formerly Pichh Bhannah, means "Backward Area") is the largest and most famous village in the Pakistani union council of Bakot Tehsil & district Abbottabad NWFP. The name Aliabad is derived from two local Gojri words: Ali (The name of Muslim saint Hazrat Baba Ali Muhammad, the founder of Pichh Bhannah) and Abad (brought up). The name "Aliabad" was originally proposed by Ch. Abdul Ghafoor (the pioneer of Aliabad Politics) in 1974. The majority of "Gujar Chohans 80%" are living peacefully with Syeds, Awans and Gakhars in the village. Ch. Abdul Rehman (Late) was the great leader of present Aliabad, we proudly call him as a father of modern Aliabad. He ruled over the political scenario of district Abbottabad. No doubt, because of his visionary and missionary leadership, a backward area (Pichh Bhannah) turned into a literate, skilled and civilized town Aliabad. His contribution towards Social Development Programs i.e. road development, water and electricity and Educational programs are unforgotten. Bariyan (Centre), Kalaban, Kotli, Sehragran, Danna (Rehman Abad), Baribagla and Balikot/Riyala are the main muhallas of the Aliabad. Ch. Abdul Qayum (the soul maker) of Aliabad was the 1st master degree holder and educationist of the village who served 26 years locally to develop the students of the area (currently serving as a Principal of Govt. Secondary School Aliabad) and successfully supervise 6 boys and 2 girls schools of the village. It will be inequitable if contribution of Shokat Janjuha is not appreciated; who is providing his excellence service and support to the students those wish to continue for their higher studies especially for female students. Ch. Fazal-ur-Rehman of Aliabad was the 1st Phd. scholar of the UC. Who also contributed a lot towards education development before migrate to Canada. Ch. Mohammed Akhtar currently serving as a lecturer in King Fahad University KSA is also Phd. Ch. Muhammed Zakir currently abbroad (China) for doctorate degree. Ch. Babar Alam (Kalaban) M Phil is currently serving as a lecturer in Punjab College of Commerce are also belong to Aliabad. Ch. Asif Hayat "1st Management Specilaist" is currently serving a Multi National Coorporation (MNC) in UAE. Hayat "Founder and Director" of Baghbaan International (a registered charity in Australia) is also the advisor of NGO (Al Rehmani Welfare Foundation). Ch. Muneer Sulman (environmental engineer) is currently doing master in environmental engineering from Turkey. Ch. Nisar Ahmed (The Second Lt) in Pakistan army. Nisar was 3rd position holder in 2005 in Abbottabad Board in HSSC examinaiton. Ch. Ali-ur-Rehman is founder of the ARWF registered in Islamabad. Student Educational Federation Kalaban is also active for regional literature endeavor. Muhammad Imran & Chaudhry Liaqat Ali is the founder of this federation and Syed Asif Hussain Shah is organizer of the federation. Both are the future of Aliabad politics. Currently Ch. Sabir Hussain and Ch. Shabbir Khan are the political leaders of Aliabad along with the strong opposition of Ch. Mohammed Bashir (N League).