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'''Absolutely anyone''' should feel free to [[Wikitravel:plunge forward|plunge forward]] and share some knowledge on Wikitravel. If you're starting to find yourself getting more involved, the following tips and tricks might help you get up to speed working on Wikitravel articles and participating in the Wikitravel community.
# '''You''' are the most important resource Wikitravel has. '''Please''' feel free to ask questions, make comments, request help, or '''anything else you need'''. Your knowledge makes Wikitravel a better guide; your comments on our processes makes Wikitravel a better project.
# We have a [[Wikitravel:help|help]] section with lots of info on how to work with our software.
# Wikitravel has a '''large and active community''' of people who want to make this project a success. You may not see us at first, but we're here!
# If you have some particular info you want to share, we have some guidelines about [[Wikitravel:where you can stick it|where you can stick it]]. If you're still not sure, just put it ''anywhere'': someone else will move it to the right place.
# Our [[Wikitravel:policies and guidelines|policies and guidelines]] describe how we work together to make the guide.
# Our [[Wikitravel:manual of style|manual of style]] gives some ideas about how we like to have articles formatted.
# Articles you work on can and probably will be changed by other people.
# Every article has an associated [[Wikitravel:using talk pages|Talk page]] where we discuss how best to work on that article. If you're wondering what's up with some article, why it's this way instead of that, check the talk page by clicking the '''discussion''' link.
# If you [[Wikitravel:how to create a user account|create a user account]], you can create a [[Wikitravel:user page help|user page]] where you can talk about yourself, places you've been, ideas you have, etc. Also, add yourself to the [[Wikitravel:List of Wikitravellers by location|List of Wikitravellers by location]] so that other contributors could ask for your help when describing the region you live in.
# Once you have a user account, other Wikitravellers can send you messages through your [[Wikitravel:using talk pages|user talk page]]. When there are new messages on your talk page, you'll see a '''blinking red circle''' next to the "my talk" link on any Wikitravel page. You should check to see what someone has to say.
# Wikitravel is a travel guide, not a travel journal. Try to share what you ''learned'', not what you ''did''. Avoid using [[Wikitravel:first person pronouns|first person pronouns]] like "I" or "we".
# Our [[Wikitravel:goals and non-goals|goals and non-goals]] explain what we're trying to do, and what we're not trying to do.
# There are lots of articles on Wikitravel that "aren't quite there yet". Don't assume that just because something's left out, misspelled, or weirdly formatted that we ''want'' it that way.
# Other people working on Wikitravel are here to share their knowledge and make a great Web site. In dealing with other contributors, assume that people are trying to do what's best for travellers and for the project.
# Wikitravel is '''not just an ''online'' guide Web site'''. We want to make guides that can be used as printed pages for travelers who are away from a computer.
# Your contributions should be '''original work''', created by you. Please don't copy text or images from other Web sites to Wikitravel.
# Wikitravellers sometimes use [[Wikitravel:Jargon]] in edit summaries or discussion pages.
[[ca:Wikitravel:Consells per a nous col·laboradors]]
[[de:Wikitravel:Tips für neue Autoren]]
[[es:Wikitravel:Consejos para nuevos colaboradores]]
[[fi:Wikitravel:Vinkkejä uusille kirjoittajille]]
[[it:Wikitravel:Consigli per i nuovi arrivati]]

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