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Wikitravel:Time and date formats

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When giving times and dates, such as for attractions, restaurants and bars, use the following format.

Times - Use the format of 10:30AM-5PM.


  • Decimals not used when not required, eg not 5:00PM.
  • Where decimals are required, semicolon used as the separator, eg not 5.30PM or 5-30PM.
  • Spaces and periods (fullstops) left out, eg not 10:30 A.M. – 5 P.M.
  • 12-hour format rather than 24-hour format, eg 5PM, not 1700.

Days – Abbreviate to the minimum number of letters, ie M Tu W Th F Sa Su.


  • Spell out when it is part of a named day, eg Good Friday, Fat Tuesday.
  • If it looks odd or ambiguous in a particular context, spell it out.

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