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Use the date format of '''dd mm yyyy''', eg: 10 Jan 2003.
Use the date format of '''dd mm yyyy''', eg: 10 Jan 2003.

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When giving times and dates, such as for opening and closing times of attractions, restaurants and bars, use the following formats:-


Use the 24 hour clock eg: 10:30-17:00
It can be assumed that times are given for the local time zone.

In 24-hour format, always show minutes using a colon as the separator; eg: 17:00, not 17.00 nor 17-00 and not just 17 and never 17:0.
Where an establishment does not close on a particular day or range of days, instead of showing 00:00-24:00 you can write 24 hours; if the establishment doesn't close all week: 24/7

AM/PM alternative

For articles about topics where the AM/PM system (or 12-hour format) is prevalent, the following format can be used as an alternative: 10:30AM-5PM.

Choose to deviate from our standard, 24 hour format only to follow predominant local usage. Ask yourself: which format will visitors see in newspapers, on shop doors, and on train schedules?

  • In this alternative AM/PM system, use "noon" and "midnight", not 12AM and 12PM.
  • In this alternative 12-hour format, minutes are not shown when not required, eg: 5PM, not 5:00PM.
  • Spaces and periods (full stops) should be left out, eg: 10:30AM-5PM, not 10:30 A.M. – 5 P.M.
  • Spaces should be left out for noon and midnight too, eg: 10AM-noon.

Days of the week

Abbreviate to the minimum number of letters, ie: M Tu W Th F Sa Su.


  • Spell out when it is part of a named day, eg: Good Friday, Fat Tuesday.
  • If it looks odd or ambiguous in a particular context, spell it out.
  • Spaces should be left out, eg: M-F not M - F or M thru F.
  • Leave the dash out for a pair of days, eg: Sa Su not Sa-Su.
  • When combining days with time, put the days first, e.g., M-F 10:00-14:00 rather than 10:00-14:00 M-F.
  • For all seven days, use "daily". Do not use "every day" or "Su-Sa".


Use the date format of dd mm yyyy, eg: 10 Jan 2003.

Abbreviate months to three letters, ie: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec, especially in listings, but

  • If it looks odd or ambiguous in a particular context, spell it out.
  • Avoid using dates such as 10/1/03, 10-1-03 or 10/1/2003 as this can mean 10 Jan 2003 or 1 Oct 2003 to different people.

To indicate approximately, use the un-italicized abbreviation "c. " (followed by a space) rather than circa, ca., or approx.


  • Year or years: yr
  • Week or weeks: wk
  • Hour or hours: hr
  • Minutes: min

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