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Wikitravel:Technical details

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We use the MediaWiki Wiki software created for Wikipedia, with some minuscule local modifications. MediaWiki is written in the PHP language and uses MySQL for database storage.

long term stability?

i'm just wondering what plans there are for long term stability of the site, e.g.:

  • Is there any formal relation to the Wikimedia Foundation?
  • Most probably there are many informal links with wikimedia techies/projects. Can someone say roughly what these are, so we have some idea of how independent and/or crosslinked the projects are?
  • i guess there should be details in [1] but so far there's nothing... :(

The point is that many of us already have some trust that wikimedia projects are properly backed up and sql dumps are available etc, and we wouldn't like to contribute to a web site which might get lost and so lose all our work... presumably would not want to lose its reputation by allowing things to get lost, but in any case, maximum transparency etc etc would be a good idea.


Is there somewhere where people can download weekly sql files? Boud 12:02, 9 Aug 2005 (EDT)