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This page is for listing articles that have been rated as Star. These articles are a real guide; in addition, it has a tourist-style map showing how to get around the destination, with major attractions, restaurants, etc. that match the listings in the guide. Layout and listing formats either match the Manual of style exactly or are the exception that proves the rule. Prose is not only near-perfect grammatically but also tight, effective, and enjoyable. At least one good-quality photo accompanies the article; preferably 2-3 showing famous or important attractions. Enough variety of content is presented that residents and experienced visitors would have little to point out as absent. Changes to this kind of article more reflect changes in the destination (a museum closes or a hotel price changes) than improvements in the coverage.

This rating should be used sparingly, giving every editor of every article something great to strive for.

Please use {{Star}} to rate a page as a Star. It will display:


After you have marked the page, please return to this page and place a link for others to find it.



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