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* [[Paris/1st arrondissement]]
* [[Paris/1st arrondissement]]
* [[Paris/4th arrondissement]]
* [[Paris/4th arrondissement]]
* [[Ischia]]
=North America=
=North America=

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This page is for listing articles that have been rated as Star. See Wikitravel:Article status for a description of what qualifies an article for this status. This rating should be used sparingly, giving every editor of every article something great to strive for.

Please use one of the following to rate a page as Star, depending on which type of article it is: {{Starcity}} {{Starregion}} {{Starcountry}} {{Staritinerary}} {{Startopic}} {{Starphrasebook}} The exact phrasing varies, but it will display something like this:

Star-icon.png This is a star article. It is a high-quality article complete with maps, photos, and great information. If you know of something that has changed, please plunge forward and help it grow!

After you have marked the page, please return to this page and place a link for others to find it.

See also: Stubs needing attention, Outline articles needing attention, Usable articles needing attention, Guide articles needing attention, Factbook imports needing attention



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