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Wikitravel:Sock puppets

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The creation of sockpuppets, i.e., multiple accounts per user, is not permitted on Wikitravel, because it obfuscates the identity of the contributor in contradiction with the general wiki principles of openness and transparency.

Sockpuppetry disrupts editing continuity, accountability, and community trust. There may occasionally be a valid reason for maintaining multiple accounts. Please discuss with the community and administrators if you believe your extra account(s) fall into this category.

Sock puppetry can take on several different forms:

  • Creating a new account to avoid detection
  • Making edits as an IP address to avoid association with your real account
  • Persuading others to create accounts for the purpose of supporting one side of a dispute (Meatpuppetry)

The misuse of multiple accounts is a serious breach of community trust and will lead to a block of *all* accounts, and a ban of the user behind the accounts.