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Wikitravel:Romanian Wikitravel Expedition

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The Romanian Wikitravel Expedition is an expedition to create a Romanian language version of Wikitravel which would effectively be the first multilingual version of Wikitravel.

For more information on Multilingual Wikitravel Policy, see Wikitravel:Language version policy. For past information about the Romanian Wikitravel, see Wikitravel talk:Romanian Wikitravel


Wikitravel needs to change from an English-language site to one that is multilingual. This will not only create a better, more comprehensive travel guide, it will attract and encourage more and more contributors. Also, Wikipedia, and now Wiktionary and Wikiquote, are doing the same.


The Romanian Wikitravel has the following goals:

  • To collect a good base of Romanian users willing to take this project further
  • To translate and localize the English Wikitravel into Romanian.
  • To create quality articles that will appeal to Romanian travellers.
  • To link these articles to English versions and create an integrated multilingual Wikitravel.
  • To empower other language groups to form their own Wikitravel.
  • To contribute to English Wikitravel with quality articles about Romania.

IMPORTANT: Choosing a go-between

In order to make a successful, integrated Romanian Wikitravel, we need to choose one of the five users who put their names down, and make them a go-between. The role of the go-between will be to act as a liaison between English and Romanian Wikipedia, and therefore, he must be able to:

  • Write English and Romanian well
  • Understand Wikitravel ideals, guidelines, goals and policies
  • Make monthly reports about Romanian Wikitravel to English Wikitravel
  • Contribute actively in Romanian Wikitravel

The go-between will be chosen the democratic way: via voting

The five candidates for go-between are the users listed below. If you would like to vote one of these people, please put your username next to their name, in the Votes for section. If you would like to make a vote against someone, please write your username next to their name in the Votes against line and then a reason for this. To win, a go-between must have two votes for them, and no votes against them. Only people who nominated themselves under the "Gathering a team" section can vote. And remember, you cannot vote for yourself.

Pick a user who you would like to see as go-between:

  • I vote for Ronline
    • Votes for:
    • Votes against:
  • I vote for Danutz
  • I vote for Snitz
    • Votes for:
    • Votes against:
  • I vote for Jmabel
    • Votes for:
    • Votes against:
  • I vote for Maero
    • Votes for:
    • Votes against:

Voting will only finish once person listed above has voted - that is, Ronline, Danutz, Snitz, Jmabel and Maero. Therefore, please put in your votes as soon as possible, because the Wikitravel in Romanian will becoming online sooner.


We've already done the following:

  • Localized the interface - see file at LanguageRo.php
  • Chosen a team of five users.

Gathering a team

See also Wikitravel:Language version policy for more information about the procedure of forming a Romanian Wikitravel.

To get this project started, we need at least 5 Romanian-speaking users willing to contribute to Romanian Wikitravel.

Please add your name below, by editing this page, if you support this project. You must have a valid user account with Wikitravel.

I agree to forming the Romanian Wikitravel and am willing to contribute:

Ronline 04:00, 20 Dec 2003 (PST)

Danutz 04:08, 20 Dec 2003 (PST)

Snitz 23:10, 20 Dec 2003 (PST) (I'm willing to translate articles from English to Romanian Wikitravel, and to help with the set-up as well).

Jmabel 00:07, 22 Dec 2003 (PST) As a native English speaker, I'm somewhat limited in my ability to contribute to translation in that direction, but I offer my services to decipher anything in English or Spanish that may be confusing.

Maero 15:31, 22 Dec 2003 (PST) - As a Romanian tour guide for English and French tourists, I just heard of Wikitravel recently - and what an amazement it's been to see there's a Romanian language Wikitravel in development. I'd like to translate articles into Romanian, as well as offer advice and tips on travel to major European destinations.

5 users have already signed up to help Romanian Wikitravel, thereby letting the project advance to the next step of choosing go-betweens. However, if you are still interested in helping us out, we'd really appreciate it! Either write your name and how you're willing to help here, or make a new user account on the Romanian Wikitravel when it launches.

Next Steps

We are now in the process of voting for a go-between, a user that will act as a liaison between Romanian and English Wikitravel. After that, will be launched. Then we need to sort out our Wikitravel and make it the best possible!

Awareness Raising

We can raise awareness of the Romanian Wikitravel (and at the same time promote Wikitravel in general) on the Romanian Wikipedia, as well as on Meta-Wikimedia. Also, we can send the site and a description to Romanian IT/technology sites. Snitz 23:33, 20 Dec 2003 (PST)