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Wikitravel:Restaurant listings

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Sometimes it's hard to pick just one

Restaurant listings should be in the format below:

* <eat name="Name of Restaurant" alt="Local script" address="Address" directions="extra directions if necessary" phone="+CC 555 555-5555" email="[email protected]" fax="+CC 555 555-5555" url="" hours="Days and times open" price="$lowprice-$highprice (extra price info)">One to three sentences about the food, service, atmosphere, view, specialties, music, what have you.</eat>


*'''Name of Restaurant''', Address (''extra directions if necessary''), phone number (''email, fax, other contact if possible''), []. Days and times open. One to three sentences about the food, service, atmosphere, view, specialties, music, what have you. $lowprice-$highprice (''extra price info'').

This will be displayed like so:

  • Name of Restaurant (Local script), Address (extra directions if necessary), +CC 555 555-5555 (, fax: +CC 555 555-5555), [1]. Days and times open. One to three sentences about the food, service, atmosphere, view, specialties, music, what have you. $lowprice-$highprice (extra price info).

Here's an example using real information from Hiroshima:

Yeah, it's probably gross, but Sheepshead Curry is interesting enough to warrant a mention.
  • Shabuchin Shabu Shabu, 1-1-6 Kokutai-ji, Naka-ku, +81 082-246-7327. 11:30AM-2PM, 5PM-10PM daily. Small, friendly, family run shabu shabu restaurant in the fashionable Jizo-dori area. They make their own sauces, and all the ingredients are fresh; dip fresh meat and vegetables in a hot sauce to lightly cook it before dipping it in a savory sauce to eat. Expect to pay from ¥3,000-5,000, including drinks.

Some notes

  • Addresses should just be the street and number, not a full postal address. If the city is different (for example, in a suburb), add that, too.
  • Phone numbers should be in the format as they would be dialed internationally, but in a way that shows the part that can be dialed locally.
  • Days should be abbreviated (M Tu W Th F Sa Su), times should be AM and PM.
  • Prices should be in the local currency.
  • URLs should point to the official Web site for the restaurant and conform to Wikitravel guidelines for external links. If there's no official Web site, just leave that part out.
  • Properties should be listed in alphabetical order within a single subsection of "Eat"

Describing a chain of restaurants

Looks authentic, add it to the guide!

Chains of restaurants/cafes should be reviewed in the city/region's main article. Individual locations should be placed in their specific districts (if it's city-wide chain) or towns (if the chain spans multiple towns in the region). Details applicable to all locations should be included into a global review; all individual details of specific locations should be described locally. Please do not copy a global review to every local description in districts; instead refer from district listing to a global review in the main article.

If there're multiple individual locations in a single article, list them all only if there's no more than 7 locations. Otherwise, try to use more compact description, like "most locations are in districts A and B, plus several in the district C".


  • Harold's Chicken Shack. The great South Side fried chicken chain is cheap, usually a little dirty, and always delicious. Crowded at meal times. $2-$5.
  • 917 W 87th St, +1 773 224-4621. 11AM-3AM daily.
  • 10259 S Halsted St, +1 773 568-5906. M-Th 10AM-midnight, F-Sa 10AM-1AM, Su 11AM-10PM.
  • 2521 W 63rd St, +1 773 778-9659. Su-Th 11AM-2:30AM, F-Sa 11AM-4AM.

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