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A regional page is very much like a Country article template, but (obviously) specific to a region of a country such as the Northern Territory or San Francisco Bay Area. See Wikitravel:Geographical hierarchy for more about what a region can be.


Facts about the region. This is a where you give a quick descriptive overview of the destination. Be sure to include some context so readers know where and what they are reading about.


A more subjective description of the country-- what it's like, why someone would want to go there, the culture and atmosphere.


Is there anything language specific about the region (Italian in Lugano, Swizterland or Thai tribal languages for example)? Is there slang or sayings that might be helpful to a first-time visitor?

Get In/Get Out

Arrival and departure details. Suggestions of good places to arrive/fly into (Oakland Airport can sometimes be cheaper than flying into San Francisco, flights from Siem Riep in Cambodia have dangerously old Russian planes, etc). Information on how to get from/to international airports, train and bus stations, border points and other points of arrival/departure can also go here.

Get Around

General information about how to get around the region once you are there. An overview of regional travel possibilities: air, train, and bus travel, long-distance taxis, etc... Alternative travel such as camels in the Thar desert or ferries in the Mekong Delta can also go here.


Include availability of banks/ATMs and a rough idea of how much is a reasonable amount to have on hand. Add as much budget/cost info for the region as possible.


Information about language, cultural, or adventure schools and classes. This can be about general regional options, with contact info and other specifics in the city guides.


Jobs, volunteer opportunities and resources, etc.

Stay Safe

Words of warning


Regional customs and etiquette.


Phones, post, email and cyber cafes in general.


  • A few words about what's there, or just a link


  • These should be major country draws that might not be associated with a particular city (Grand Canyon, Angkor Wat). Again, descriptions can go here or link to seperate page.