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Wikitravel:Portuguese Wikitravel Expedition

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This page intends to organize efforts to make a Portuguese version of Wikitravel. Until the version is created, all discussions should be in English, so others Wikitravellers may join the discussion.


Portuguese (português) is a Romance language spoken in 23 countries, including Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and East Timor. With more than 200 million native speakers, Portuguese is the fifth or sixth most popular mother-tongue language in the world (depending on how you count), and the second-largest Romance language, outnumbered only by Spanish.

These speakers could be well-served by travel guides in their own native language. In addition, contributions by Portuguese speakers could be translated to existing Wikitravel language versions to give better local coverage of Portuguese-speaking destinations.


  • To create and maintain a Portuguese-language version of Wikitravel.


According to the language version policy, these are the steps needed to start the new Wikitravel version.

  1. Get three (3) Portuguese-speaking users to commit to helping with the project. Status: Complete. There are more than 3 users signed up below.
  2. Choose a go-between who can keep users on the other Wikitravel sites up-to-date on developments on Portuguese Wikitravel, and vice-versa. Status: Critical. See below.
  3. To translate the interface file for Wikitravel into Portuguese. Status: Unknown. One or more of the Expedition members need to review and approve the interface file.
  4. To launch the new Portuguese-language Wikitravel. Status: Pending. Waiting for the above steps to be finished.
  5. To translate the pages and create the infrastructure necessary to make Portuguese Wikitravel useful and friendly for new Portuguese-speaking contributors. Status: Pending launch. This has been prematurely started on the English-language Wikitravel; the above steps should be finished first.
  6. To make Portuguese Wikitravel an integrated part of the Wikitravel family with frequent go-between reports and good interlanguage links. Status: Pending launch.


Expedition members are listed below. You can volunteer to help by creating a user account on English Wikitravel (see Wikitravel:how to create a user account) and adding your signature below using four tildes (* --~~~~).

Translate those pages

Interface file translation

The interface file for Portuguese needs to be matched to Wikitravel. References to Wikipedia should be changed to {{SITENAME}} and reference to the GFDL should be changed to the CC by-sa 1.0.

Expedition members can edit the file here: Wikitravel:LanguagePt.php. It may be worthwhile to compare here: Wikitravel:Language.php for the English version.