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==Gather a minimum team==
==Gather a minimum team==
Member who would gadly like to contribute:
Member who would gladly like to contribute:
* ---[[User:Avsa|Avsa]]
* ---[[User:Avsa|Avsa]]

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This page intends to organize efforts to make a Portuguese version of Wikitravel. Until the version is created, all discussions should be in English, so others Wikitravellers may join the discussion.


Portuguese (português) is a Romance language spoken in 23 countries, including Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and East Timor. With more than 200 million native speakers, Portuguese is the fifth or sixth most popular mother-tongue language in the world, and the second Romance languages|Romance language, outnumbered only by Spanish.


  • Make a local travel guide for Portuguese, Brazilians and any other Portuguese speakers. We are not against international travels, but we believe that that information would fit better in the international (English) Wikitravel.


Why not translate also the name.

  • because that would require a dedicated server
  • to reinforce and join forces in the brand wikitravel
  • because wikiviagem could be interpreted as 'wee, what a travel' , wikiviajante seems 'wow, what a traveller' and also both names are ugly.


See the Language version policy for see what it takes to start our own wikitravel

Gather a minimum team

Member who would gladly like to contribute:

Translate those pages

many of those pages can be copyed from [| portuguese wikipedia]