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''entrance fees, camp site fees, hiking permits and fees''
''entrance fees, camp site fees, hiking permits and fees along with any notable rules and regulations''
=Rules and Regulations=
''(maybe this should be an article by itself broken into US National Parks, US National Forests, US NationalPreserves etc.)''
=Get Around=
=Get Around=

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This is a first crack at putting together a Park template so feel free to make some suggestions and or additions

A brief bescription of the park and maybe some geological and any cultural history along



seasonal and geographic information about the park should be listed here, best times to visit the general lanscape

Flora and Fauna

Some of the more common plants and animals that people may be interested in

Get In

Transportation methods and some details about each. Such as:

  • By Car
    • From Big City Take HWY 1 North to Interstate 10 East. In/before/after little city look for signs or take HWY 100 North for ~10 miles to park entrance
  • By Bus
    • main routes and terminals
  • By Air


entrance fees, camp site fees, hiking permits and fees along with any notable rules and regulations

Get Around

Common modes of travel within the park


  • Cities
    • City 1
    • City 2
  • Common Points of Interest
    • POI 1
    • POI 2
  • Backcountry Sights
    • Sight 1
    • Sight 2




Locations for fuel within the park

  • Stations, with times and location







List hotels, hostels, etc within the park


List hotels, hostels, etc outside, but nearby the park

  • city
    • Name of Place, adress, phone number, description


Listing of developed campsites within the park

  • Site 1, location, description, reservation/fee info


Blurb on backcountry description, rules, etc

Stay Safe

safety guidelines for suvival within the park

Get Out

Nearby places that one may want to visit after leaving the park

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