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One-liner listings are the default for Regions, Districts, Cities, and Get out sections. They are also used in other sections, as appropriate.

One-liner listings should use the following format:

  • Alphabetic - preferred, if appropriate and there's no reason not to
  • Bold for the caption - optional if it's a link; if mixed, consistency preferred
  • But not bold [1] - for footnote-style links
  • Capitalise - first word of caption, but not description (except proper nouns, etc)
  • Description - a concise (preferably one phrase) description of the main draws a destination has for a traveller

Alphabetic order should be used whenever there's no more appropriate logical order (eg price, distance, north-south, day of the week, etc). Where a non-alphabetic order is used, it should be explained if necessary.

A universal exception to completely alphabetic order is in Cities sections, where capital cities/towns always go at the top of the list.

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