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; '''5000th user''' : March 20th, 2006
; '''5000th user''' : March 20th, 2006
; '''10,000th user''' : November 2006
; '''10,000th user''' : November 2006
; '''First banned IP''' : [[User_talk:]] on March 17th, 2005, for inexplicable massive vandalism on three separate occasions
; '''First banned user''' : [[Special:Contributions/I-HATE-NIGGERS-WHITEPOWER88|User:I-HATE-NIGGERS-WHITEPOWER88]] on 03:09, 31 March 2007 for 1 month (Violation of script policy)

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Wikitravel is a growing concern -- as a project and as a travel guide. This page is for recording some milestones in Wikitravel's history (or future), and for setting up some milestones along the way of where we want to go. It's for gauging our progress, looking forward and looking back.

Figures below refer only to the English version of Wikitravel. See Multilingual statistics to track totals across all language versions.

Web site

Domain name registered 
February 19, 2003
MediaWiki software installed and operational 
July 24, 2003
First major crash
Database crashed February 20, 2004


First article 
Main Page, July 24, 2003
100th article 
 ? (sometime in early August, 2003)
1,000th article 
North Dakota, January 16, 2004
5,000th article
Suzdal, August 3, 2005
10,000th article 
Loveland (Ohio), July 12, 2006
50,000th article (across all language versions) 
Khancoban, August 20, 2009
50,000th article (English) 
100,000th article 
Last CIA World Factbook 2002 disclaimer removed from a country article
June 5, 2006
Every UNESCO World Heritage Site covered


First user 
July 24, 2003
100th user 
November 7, 2003
500th user 
April 15th, 2004
1000th user 
November 4th, 2004
5000th user 
March 20th, 2006
10,000th user 
November 2006


First report of someone using Wikitravel article(s) for travel 
Talk:Taiwan#Thanx for the guide, September 23rd, 2004
First report of someone using Wikitravel article(s) exclusively for travel 
"I think printing out excerpts from wikitravel and bring them along from the trip should suffice." [1], March 28, 2006
First paper publication of a Wikitravel article 
First inclusion of Wikitravel content in a paper travel guide 
JetAway magazine, Issue 5 (May/June 2006), "JetStar Asia Destinations" pp. 60-68
First travel guide with only Wikitravel content 
Wikitravel Singapore by Wikitravel Press, soft launch November 2007, public launch February 2008
First violation of the Wikitravel copyleft 
Detected March 29th, 2004, see Wikitravel talk:Non-compliant redistribution
First #1 Google hit 
Apo Kayan, See [2], Detected April 21st, 2004


First blog entry about Wikitravel 
Logical Disconnect, August 15, 2003
First Slashdot article mentioning Wikitravel 
Wikipedia Criticised by Its Co-founder, January 5, 2005 (indirect reference)
First mainstream press article about Wikitravel 
The Hindu ("India's National Paper"), September 15, 2003
First external Web site about Wikitravel (e.g., "")