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Wikitravel:Manual of style for the US

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This is a proposed standard, please refrain from editing preexisting US articles to match this style guideline until we have hashed through all the Fine Details and have come to a consensus.

Please freely edit this guideline and or make comments on the talk page.

Our Manual of Style is a collection of rules of thumb and guidelines for giving Wikitravel a consistent look and feel. It works well. It's hard to make rules for how to document the entire planet, so the global manual of style leaves considerable room for the judgement of the author.

This Manual of Style for the US adds a few additional rules to improve the consistency of our style when documenting places in the United States. Under no circumstances does this guideline override the Manual of Style.


We prefer to abbreviate street types in listings. Use Rd instead of Road, St instead of Street, and so forth. Leave out the normal period (full stop) after the abbreviation.

  • Foo Bar, 666 Devil Rd (at Hades Hwy).

Phone numbers

Phone number in the US are part of the Calling Code 1 group along with Canada and some Caribbean countries. Format these numbers with two spaces and one dash as follows:

  • Shady Rest Motel, +1 415 555-1212.

Postal Codes

  • Two letter postal codes should never be used in place of a state name. Spell out "Texas" rather than abbreviating the state as TX.


  • For the Interstate Highway freeways, format the road name as I-number. For example, Interstate 80 which connects San Francisco to New York is:
  • For the older National Highway System, use US-number. For example, US Highway 101 connecting Seattle with Los Angeles is:
  • For state highways, use the two-letter state postal code followed by the state highway number. For example, the state highway travelling through California's Gold Country is:
  • For country routes or other smaller roads, spell it out completely.