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About the entries

  • All entries have had their author's names removed, and have been placed in random order.
  • Authors ARE allowed to replace their entry during the course of the contest; however, all previous votes for that entry will be removed. (DO NOT alter anyone's work besides your own)
  • Authors may choose to withdraw their entries at any point in the contest.
  • Some authors have chosen to submit multiple treatments of the same logo (i.e., a main logo, a fav icon, etc.). In this case, the entry has been labeled, and the main logo displayed. You can click on the image to view the full treatment.

About voting

Everyone gets a maximum of two votes; you MAY NOT to vote for the same logo twice. Votes can be changed during the voting period. Votes will only be accepted from logged in users and authors can vote for their own logos. Admins have full discretion for determining vote validity. Do NOT create a second account for the sole purpose of voting.

There will be two rounds of voting. The first round will be to decide the top 3 semifinalists. The second round will determine which of the entries will become our new logo.

Voting is currently in the FIRST round. Voting in this round ends on August 9 00:00 AM (midnight) EDT.

In the event of a tie in either round, voting continues until a tie-breaker vote is cast.

How to vote

To vote, please add your LINKED username to the end of the list. We ask that you link your username in order to more easily verify that you are a logged in user. In order to add your linked username, please format your vote like this: [[User:<username>|<username>]] where <username> is your username. For example, if your username is RandomUser232, your vote should appear like this:

Contest Ballot