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This is just a list, with some commentary, of some other projects that are related to Wikitravel.

  • CommunityTraveler Travelogues by independent travelers from around the world.
  • is an independent travel Web site. They publish travelogues and travel stories, and provide trip-planning services. There are also local travel guides, maintained by individual writers, which are somewhat analogous to Wikitravel's guides. has great karma in the Internet travel community, and tends to be very positive about supporting other travel-related sites and blogs with their BootsnAll Travel Network. All content is proprietary, but it would probably be possible for to republish Wikitravel guides if they so wished.
  • OpenGuides. OpenGuides is a site, with custom-built software, to create city guides with Wiki software. They don't have a lot of information about the project on their site, but it seems that their mission is somewhat different from Wikitravel's. See Cooperating with OpenGuides for more details.
  • Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a project to create a free encyclopedia. It was one of the models that Wikitravel was based on, and we use the software (MediaWiki) developed for Wikipedia. See also Cooperating with Wikipedia.
  • World66. A Wiki-based Open Content travel guide, this is probably the most similar project on the Internet to Wikitravel. It's a merger of the Capitan Cook project with the previously proprietary World66 site. The content is under the same license that we use, so content sharing is an option. Their main page says they have over 10,000 articles available, but many of their articles are at a finer level of granularity than on Wikitravel - individual attractions have articles, for example. A very interesting project.
  • Turismo Vikio. A Wiki-based travel guide, similar to Wikitravel, but in Esperanto. Not a lot of license or other information available, but may be an example of a sister site in another language (see Language version policy).
  • Consumerium. Consumerium is a project to create a healthy buying infrastructure. See Wikitravel:Cooperating with Consumerium.
  • CouchSurfing. Great and fast growing hospitality exchange network. CouchSurfing helps you make connections worldwide. You can use the network to meet people and then go and surf other members' couches! See also Cooperating with CouchSurfing.
  • Hospitality Club. The largest hospitality exchange network - built in the same spirit of sharing and helping as Wikitravel. There are Wiki-like travel sections on the site already. See Wikitravel:Cooperating with Hospitality Club.
  • Where Are You Now?
  • Trip Advisor
  • CityVox
  • Wiki Scuba - A site to describe scuba diving locations around the world.
  • Wikigogy (What a ghastly name!) a wiki for English teachers