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Wikitravel:Japanese Wikitravel Report for 17 January 2006

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What ho, over a month already? Go-between report time. Slow and steady growth continues, with an average of 2 articles daily being added and the count now up to 571.

A lively debate on how to carve up Tokyo continues, because Tokyo Metropolis contains 23 autonomous Wards (most bigger than your average city), 26 Cities, three Towns, one Village, and then there are three Subprefectures with their own Towns and Villages, covering various islands stretching over a thousand km into the Pacific. Still no conclusion though, but whatever conclusion is reached will probably be replicated on the English version also.

Superuser Shoestring has been nominated for adminship and looks like a shoo-in. For an example of why, check out Luang Prabang, which didn't exist until he got to it.

That's about all. Akemashite omedetou, kotoshi mo yoroshiku to everyone! Jpatokal 10:54, 17 Jan 2006 (EST)