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* Vote for [[User:Paul Richter|Paul Richter]]  
* Vote for [[User:Paul Richter|Paul Richter]]  
** '''Votes for (賛成)''':
** '''Votes for (賛成)''': [[User:Jpatokal|Jpatokal]] 05:42, 9 Jun 2005 (EDT)
** '''Votes against (反対)''':
** '''Votes against (反対)''':

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The Japanese Wikitravel Expedition (ウィキトラベル日本語版探検 Wikitoraberu nihongo-han tanken) is an expedition to create a Japanese language version of Wikitravel.

ウィキトラベル日本語版探検 (Japanese Wikitravel Expedition ジャパニーズ・ウィキトラベル・エックスペディション)は日本語で書いたウィキトラベルの版を創造するための探検である。

For more information on Multilingual Wikitravel Policy, see Wikitravel:Language version policy.


Japanese is the main language of Japan, a country of over 100 million people who love to travel and contribute to Wikis. With over 75,000 articles, the Japanese Wikipedia is the 3rd largest Wikipedia by size (after English and German) and there are already several hundred Japan-related articles on the English Wikitravel.


The Japanese Wikitravel Expedition has the following goals:

  • To collect a good base of Japanese users willing to take this project further
  • To translate and localize the English Wikitravel into Japanese.
  • To create quality articles that will appeal to Japanese-speaking travellers.
  • To link these articles to other language versions and create an integrated multilingual Wikitravel.
  • To empower other language groups to form their own Wikitravel.
  • To contribute to English Wikitravel with quality articles about Japan.


  • March 27, 2005: Five contributors reached


Gathering a team of users

To get this project started, we need at least 5 Japanese-speaking users willing to contribute to Japanese Wikitravel. Please add your name below, by editing this page and signing with ~~~~ if you support this project. You must have a valid user account with Wikitravel.


I agree to forming the Japanese Wikitravel and am willing to contribute:


Next Steps

After we have gathered a team of five or more users for Japanese Wikitravel, the interface localization file will be translated (or modified from the one on Wikipedia), checked for correctness, and then we will vote for a go-between.

The localization file is at Wikitravel:LanguageJa.php. For comparison, the English file is at Wikitravel:LanguageEn.php. Major things to watch for:

  • Replacing "Wikipedia" with "Wikitravel"
  • Differences in license policy (GFDL versus CC by-sa)


  •  ウィキペティアよりウィキトラベルであること
  •  ライセンスはGFDLよりCC-by-SAであること


Please translate pages under Wikitravel:Utilities into Japanese and add them below. The pages listed in Wikitravel:Language version policy are the most important ones.

以下は、Wikitravel:Utilitiesのページ日本語版。得にWikitravel:Language version policyに発表されたページは必要です。

Choosing a go-between

In order to make a successful, integrated Japanese Wikitravel, we need to choose one of the five users who put their names down, and make them a go-between. The role of the go-between will be to act as a liaison between English and Japanese Wikipedia, and therefore, he must be able to:

  • Write English and Japanese well
  • Understand Wikitravel ideals, guidelines, goals and policies
  • Make monthly reports about Japanese Wikitravel to English Wikitravel
  • Make monthly reports about English Wikitravel to Japanese Wikitravel
  • Contribute actively in Japanese Wikitravel

The go-between will be chosen the democratic way: via voting

The five candidates for go-between are the users listed below. If you would like to vote one of these people, please put your username next to their name, in the Votes for section. If you would like to make a vote against someone, please write your username next to their name in the Votes against line and then a reason for this. To win, a go-between must have two votes for them, and no votes against them. Only people who nominated themselves under the "Gathering a team" section can vote. And remember, you cannot vote for yourself.


Pick a user who you would like to see as go-between:

  • Vote for User:Jpatokal. My written Japanese is poor, but I will be happy to contribute and translate from Japanese to English.
    • Votes for (賛成): KagakuyaSan 18:46, 29 Mar 2005 (EST) | Paul Richter 22:53, 30 Mar 2005 (EST) | Ado 04:50, 24 Apr 2005 (EDT) | Evan 09:24, 8 Jun 2005 (EDT)
    • Votes against (反対):
  • Vote for Skylab
    • Votes for (賛成):
    • Votes against (反対):
  • Vote for Sat.K JP
    • Votes for (賛成):
    • Votes against (反対):
  • Vote for KagakuyaSan
    • Votes for (賛成):
    • Votes against (反対):

Awareness Raising