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Wikitravel:Inter-language links

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The MediaWiki software we use for Wikitravel has features for making links between articles that cover the same topic in different languages. These are called inter-language links.

Making inter-language links

To add an inter-language link to a page, put in a link at the bottom of the page in the following format:

[[language code:article title]]

Here, language code is the two-letter code for the language of the Wikitravel language version you're linking to; see language versions of Wikitravel for the list of Wikitravel language versions and corresponding codes. The article title is the title of the matching article on the other language version.

The inter-language link will not show up in the article text. Instead, it will be put in a special "Other sites/languages" section of the page. This kind of link is for articles on the exact same subject on the other Wikitravel language version.

Inter-language links should go at the bottom of the page. It's hard enough for new Wikitravellers to figure out how to edit a page; we don't want to scare them off with a whole bunch of formatting stuff and foreign words right at the beginning of an article.

Different subject

You can link to a page on a different subject using this syntax:

[[:language code:article title]]

Note the colon (":") at the beginning of the link. This makes the link appear in-line in the article text.

Inline links to other Wikitravel language versions are rarely helpful to travelers, and should be avoided for destination guides and other articles in the main namespace. However, they can be useful for talk pages or other places we discuss how to make the guide.

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