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Wikitravel:Information for gay and lesbian travellers

This is a policy page. For actual travel information, see Gay and lesbian travel.

Some information about cities, countries, and regions will be specifically of interest to gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender ("GLBT") folk and other queer people. This page describes where to put that information.

(We use the word "queer" here to refer to GLBT people. It's not meant to be hostile or dismissive, and is used in North America and other English-speaking regions as a positive name. If you're offended or worried by the term, we're sorry in advance.)

Why there's no "Queer" sectionEdit

The Wikitravel article templates don't have a "Gay" or "Queer" section for articles. This is on purpose. Admittedly, it may be convenient for gay travellers to find all the gay-related information for a destination in one spot.

However, we feel that sectioning off gay information is somewhat discriminatory -- almost as if we're saying, "Gay people go here, and the rest of us will go to all the other places on this page, where you're not welcome." Similarly, some attractions that are queer-oriented or queer-friendly are also open to straight people, too. Segmenting those attractions off into a "Queer" section would give the indication to straight folks that they're not welcome there, either. Travellers should be given information about events and attractions, and decide for themselves whether they want to go there.

Finally, there are any number of different kinds of travellers who may have special needs -- senior travellers, travellers with children, disabled travellers, etc. Having different sections for each would make the destination pages unnecessarily cluttered, and would probably cause some duplicate information.

Queer bars and clubsEdit

GLBT bars and dance clubs should be listed under the "Drink" section of a city page, just like any other bar. In the bar's description, note that it's a gay bar, lesbian bar, or what have you.

If there are general notes about queer bars in the city, they should be included in a paragraph at the beginning of the "Drink" section.

Queer-friendly hotelsEdit

Some hotels are queer-friendly, and actively seek GLBT clientèle. These hotels should be listed with others in the "Sleep" section, but it should be noted in the description that the hotel is queer-friendly.

Queer eventsEdit

Queer events, like Pride Parades, should be listed along with other events in the "Do" section of a city page.

Queer districtsEdit

If there are districts in a city with a significant queer population or culture, these should be noted in the "Understand" section of the city page. If the city is a huge city, and the area is one of the districts in that city, information about queer culture should be in the "Understand" section for that district.

Queer safetyEdit

It's a sad fact that gays and lesbians are sometimes specifically targeted for violence or other crimes. If there are specific safety issues for GLBT people, add a paragraph about them in the "Stay safe" section for the city.

If there's a culture-wide discrimination against queer people, it would probably make sense to include that information in the "Stay safe" section of the corresponding country and/or region page.

Cultural differencesEdit

Information about tolerance or intolerance of GLBT people should be included in the "Understand" section of the country or region page. Some information on specific dress or behavior may have a place in the "Respect" section, but it's a fine line. Adding GLBT info in the "Respect" section has the subtle connotation of: "Respect your hosts; don't be gay!" So, use "Respect" to note behaviors rather than who the traveller is.