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Wikitravel:Huge city article template

This is an informational template that describes the structure to use when creating articles about absolutely huge cities. Editing this template will not create a new article; for information on how to create new articles see Wikitravel:How to start a new page.

If a city is so big or has so much information that we really can't keep all its information in one page, we break it up into districts, each of which has its own article -- see the district article template for starting those. In general, we keep summary info on the page about the city, with links to the pages about each district, and highlights from those pages.

To quickly insert a complete blank city template, copy the quick version into the edit box on page you are editing. You can also just add {{subst:hugecity}} to the page, and a blank template will be included when you save.

Stuff in italics below is editorial comment, with suggestions for what should go in each section, and not part of the eventual article. If you copy the text below, you should plan on ripping out everything in italics when you start your city article.]

{{printDistricts}} --used to point out that listings are on separate district pages (which should also be printed)

The first section of the city article does not have a heading. This is a where you give a quick descriptive overview of the city. Be sure to include some context so readers know where and what they are reading about. Links to the region and country that the city is in can be useful here, too.

Also include any background information particular to the city (i.e. Geneva is a French-speaking city, New Delhi can be more dangerous than other parts of India, etc), but try not to duplicate too much information that already exists in the country or region page.


Most of the meat of the information about a huge city is divided up into the individual district articles. You should list the districts here, as well as a short blurb about the district that lets readers know what is most relevant about the district for travel, which areas constitute the district, etc. Every district listed should have clearly defined borders to make it easy for other Wikitravellers to know where to stick new listings. See the District article template for the structure of district articles.

Before you plunge forward creating districts, read recommendations on when (not) to districtify--following them will help the community with maintenance of the articles for city and its districts in the future.


Give a deeper understanding of the city, such as its history, its culture, its mores, its politics, its relationship to other cities and the country it's in. Jokes and stereotypes about locals, etc.

Get inEdit

Arrival details. Try and include as many options as you can think of -- land, air, sea. Also include getting from transportation hubs (such as airports) to central areas or hotel/hostel districts.

Below are some sections for common ways to get to a city. Try to order the sections from the most common and convenient to the rarest and most inconvenient. If for some reason there's a common way to approach the city not listed below -- by llama, by snowmobile, by bush helicopter -- just add another section. And leave out sections that don't apply.

By planeEdit

Name the airport or airports that serve this city. Name the air carriers that serve the city, and rough schedules ("once a week, once a day") for getting to this city by air from other major nearby cities. Note transportation options for getting from the airport to the city center. If it's common to hire private planes to arrive in the city -- say, if it's in the bush in Alaska -- note the names of plane charter companies, and give contact info. If there's just no plane service to this city, leave this section out.

By trainEdit

Give names of other nearby cities and rough schedules ("once a day, on the hour") for getting to this city by train. Note the location of the train station or stations and give directions for getting to central areas or hotel/hostel districts. If there is no rail service to the city, just leave this section out.

By carEdit

Driving details and directions for getting to this destination. Try to include the names of major highways, as well as directions from other nearby cities. If for some reason it would be exceptional to come to this city by car -- say, if it's on an island not served by bridges or ferries, or if it's in a country where personal travel by car is extremely rare -- just leave this section out.

By busEdit

Give names of other nearby cities and rough schedules ("once a day, on the hour") for getting to this city by bus. Contact info for bus companies is nice, too. Note the location of the bus terminal or terminals and give directions for getting to central areas or hotel/hostel districts. If there is no bus service to the city, leave this section out.

By boatEdit

Name any ferries, passenger boats, or other floating vessels for getting to this destination. Give contact information for carriers, and the location of arrival points with relation to the city centre, as well as transport options from the dock or terminal. If it's a common way to arrive, note the marinas where you can show up with a private vessel. If the city is landlocked or just not served by passenger boat traffic, just leave this section out.

Get aroundEdit

How to get around once you are there: bus, train, rickshaw, ferry, gondola, etc. How much does local transport cost, where/how to buy tickets, and good discounts (week or weekend passes, 1/2 price seniors or students, etc).


This is for a summary of attractions in the huge city. Don't give full details about each attraction; you should have that in the article for the district. But if there are some attractions that people are going to be expecting to find out about in this city, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or just attractions that people really shouldn't miss, have them listed here.

  • Attraction 1 in District 4 is really great.
  • Also don't miss Attraction 2 in District 5.
  • No trip to Huge City would be complete without stopping in District 3 and seeing Attraction 3.


This is for a summary of activities in the huge city, that is, things that travellers will do themselves. More active participation is needed for Do things than for See things. For example, going to see a river goes under See; kayak trips down the river go under Do. Don't give full details about each activity; you should have that in the article for the district. But if there are some activities that people are going to be expecting to find out about in this city, or just activities that people really shouldn't miss, have them listed here. Not every activity in the city needs to be mentioned -- just ones that are so important people expect them to be on the main page for the city.

  • The fabulous Activity 1 in District 1 is a highlight of any visit to Huge City.
  • The adventurous may want to try Activity 2 in District 3.
  • Hop over to District 2 for Activity 3.


If there are opportunities for travellers to study in this city on a short term basis -- from language to cooking classes -- add them here.


What possibilities are there for travellers to earn money in this city? Note that this is kind of long-range and probably won't be appropriate for most destinations.


The travellers' dirty secret: we like souvenirs. What would be good to buy in this city? Local crafts? How about general shopping -- clothes, travel equipment, other? Give general tips about what to buy and where to shop in the city, preferably pointing to district pages for the full scoop.


For general points of where to eat out in the city. Mention any local specialties or oddities here. Avoid specific restaurant info; leave that for each individual district page. Instead, try to name districts where restaurants are plentiful or of a particular quality -- say, if there's a Little Italy or a Chinatown or such.

If there are particular restaurants that are landmarks for the city, you can point to them here, mentioning in which district they are located and giving a reason why they're called out specifically. It's perfectly OK not to have any individual restaurants listed, though.

  • Stop by Restaurant 1 in District 3 for a quintessential Huge City dining experience.


For general points about bars, clubs, and other nightlife in the city. Yes, many people go out to clubs and don't drink; the name of the section is still Drink. Mention any local specialities or oddities, and give a general idea of good areas of the city to try. Avoid specific bar listings; instead, put these on the district pages. Instead, give pointers to bar areas, nightclub districts, great streets to try.

If there are particular bars or clubs that should be listed, name them here, and give a link to the district they're in. Note that it's much less likely that someone's going to expect a particular bar in the city than, say, an attraction for See or an activity for Do. For a city big enough to use this template, there's rarely a single bar that's a significant landmark. But it might happen, so add its name and a link to the district it's in below.

  • The beats go on till the early morn at Nightclub 1 on Some Street in District 3.
  • Everybody knows your name at Bar 2 in District 6.


This is for helping the traveller find a place to lay his/her weary head. Give a general idea of good areas of the destination to try to find lodging. Avoid listing specific hotels in the page for the city; instead, give those listings in the individual district pages. The point here is to tick off good places to look for hotels, motels, and campgrounds, not to give contact details. If for some reason there's a landmark hotel, or just one people shouldn't miss, in the city -- and what are the chances? -- list its name and a link to the district it's in.

Backpacker hostels abound near N street, in District Z.

  • Enjoy the luxury of Hotel 1 in District 4, famous for its ....
  • Everybody wants to stay at hip, happenin' Hotel 2 in District 6.

Stay safeEdit

This is a section for general safety tips. If there are crime problems in the city, describe them here.

Stay healthyEdit

This is a section for general health tips.


Information on communications -- phone, Internet, other. Give information on cellular phone coverage in the city. If there are free or paid Wi-Fi hotspots in the city, name them here. If there are a few convenient Internet cafes or other computer rental stores, name them here, but leave the detailed listings to the district pages.

  • Cheap Internet available in Internet Cafe 1 in District 3.


This section is for all those little items that people need to know when they're in a city. Where can you do laundry? Go to a gym? Get computers repaired? Anything that has to do with the practicalities of daily life should go here.

Also include embassy listings here, but only fill out the name, address, phone, and url fields (to conserve space in long lists).

Don't put something here when it could fit in one of the other sections. If there's nothing to put in this section, leave it out.

Get outEdit

Information about nearby destinations that would serve as a good "next stop." Provide a brief description of other nearby destination suggestions, neighboring cities or day-trip ideas. Don't duplicate information that's up in "Get in."