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Wikitravel:How to redirect a page

Redirection pages are pages that automatically link to another page. You may want to have a redirection page for any of the following reasons.

  • There are different ways of writing the article title, but only one article,
  • The article is in a different namespace.
  • The title has been misspelled,
  • Two articles have been merged into one,
  • The page might become a disambiguation page in the future, but there is currently only one article,
  • The page has been moved using the move page feature.

Please note that a redirection should not be used to move/rename a page, as doing so can lose page history. Please see Wikitravel:How to rename a page for instructions on how to move/rename a page.


The following text should appear in the edit window.

#REDIRECT [[Target_article_title]]


When a link is followed to the redirection page, the user is delivered the page contained in the REDIRECT link instead.

Redirects are often made for places which are covered in other articles, such a small village covered by the neighboring town. In cases like this, bold the redirected name in the target article, so users can see why they were sent there: "Seminyak is a town in Bali, which has grown to cover the nearby village of Kerobokan as well."


Redirection pages cannot be concatenated. If there are 2 REDIRECT links in a row then the second redirect page will be delivered to the user. The solution is to go back to the original page and fix the offending link.

The offending link should have the [[redirect page title]] changed to [[Target_article_title|redirect page title]]

The Special:BrokenRedirects page lists broken redirection links.

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